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Proceedings of the Colored Men's Convention of the State of Michigan, Held in the City of Detroit ,Tuesday and Wednesday, Sept. 12th and 13th, '65, with Accompanying Documents. Also, the Constitution of the Equal Rights League of the State of Michigan.


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Kalamazoo--Geo. Nichols.

Jackson--Wilberforce Johnson.

Coldwater--F. R. Jenkins.

BattIe Creek--John J. Evans, O. P. Anderson.

Ypsilanti--S. Wells, A. Prichard.

Detroit--G. H. Parker, B. Dolbeare Paul, Willis Washington, J. D. Carter, T. J. Rice, Lewis Pierce, A. Burgess, Chas. Gillam, Thomas Nichols.

"Moral and Intellectual Union."--Wayne Co.--J. W. Henry, J. T. Lee, James Richards.

State at large--O. C. Wood.

Honorary Members

James Fields, M.D., Adrian.

Capt. Buckner, Hillsdale.

James Hill, Hillsdale.

R. L. Cullen, Detroit.

T. J. Martin, Dowagiac.

Isaac Burdine, Niles.

S, Fowler, Eaton Rapids.

Wm. Watts, St. Johns.

On montion of Mr. D. Roberts, of Adrian, the chair appointed the following:

Committee on Rules

H. J. Lewis, of Hudson, T. J. Rice, of Detroit, J. J. Evans, of Battle Creek.

On motion of J. J. Evans, of Battle Creek, the chair appointed the following:

Committee on Permanent Officers

J. D. Carter, of Detroit; D. Roberts, of Adrian; H. J. Lewis, of Hudson; F. R. Jenkins, of Coldwater; S. W. Burton, of Hillsdale; J. W. Brooks, of Ann Arbor; B. Brinton, of Marshall; J. Henry, of Detroit; Geo. Nichols, of Kalamazoo; J. J. Evans, of Battle Creek.

On motion of Mr. J. Henry, of Detroit, the following were appointed a

Finance Committee

T. J. Rice, of Detroit; J. D. Carter, of Detroit; R. Brown, of Lenawee Co.; A. Prichard, of Ypsilanti.

On motion of Mr. Anderson, of Battle Creek, the Convention appointed as

Business Committee

G. W. Lewis, of Adrian, Chairman.

O.P. Anderson, of Battle Creek; J. H. Parker, of Detroit; R. L. Cullen, of Detroit; T. J. Rice, of Detroit; S. W. Burton, of Hillsdale.

On motion of J. D. Carter, of Detroit, Dr. Fields was made an honorary member.

On motion of Mr. Paul, A. Prichard, of Ypsilanti, J. J. Martin, of Dowagiac and J. Burdine, of Niles, were made honorary members of the Convention.

On motion of D. Roberts, of Adrian, G. H. Parker, of Detroit, and O. P. Anderson, of Battle Creek, were appointed a committee to install the permanent officers of the Convention.

Mr. Carter, from the committee on Permanent Organization, reported the following gentlemen as permanent officers of the Convention:

President--Rev. J. W. Brooks, of Ann Arbor.

1st Vice President--H. J. Lewis, Hudson.

2d Vice President--Benjamin Grinton, of Marshall.

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