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Minutes of the State Convention, of the Colored Citizens of the State of Michigan, Held in the City of Detroit on the 26th and 27th of October, 1843 for the Purpose of Considering Their Moral & Political Condition, as Citizens of the State.


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12. Pythagoras (c. 582-c. 507 B.C.), pre-Socratic Greek philosopher and founder of the Pythagorean school. The Pythagoreans were influential mathematicians and geometricians, and the theorem that bears their name is witness to their influence on the initial part of Euclidean geometry.

13. Plato (427?-347? B.C.), famous Greek philosopher and disciple of Socrates, established his Academy at Athens, where he taught mathematics and philosophy until his death.

14. Homer was the famous Greek poet, author of the Illiad and Odyssey.

15. Lycurgus (c. 7th cent. B.C.?) is traditionally credited with founding the Spartan constitution. The earliest mention of him is in Herodotus. Nothing is known of his life--when he lived or if he was a real man, a god, or a mythical figure.

16. Strabo (c. 63 B.C.-c. 21 A.D.) was a Greek geographer and historian.

17. Apollonius Rhodius (3d cent. B.C.), epic poet of Alexandria and Rhodes, was also librarian at Alexandria.

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