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Minutes of the State Convention, of the Colored Citizens of the State of Michigan, Held in the City of Detroit on the 26th and 27th of October, 1843 for the Purpose of Considering Their Moral & Political Condition, as Citizens of the State.


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two opinions of right and expediency will flock to our standard and eagerly aid and assist us in promoting our cause, for which we have now assembled. But if our acts be bad, they will only be so many disparagements to be used in the mouths of our oppressors, to impede the progress of our political advancement, and in a great measure would palsy the soul and cripple all the powers of our people and their friends.

Therefore, let us by our upright, correct, and manly stand in defence of our Liberty, prove to our oppressors and the world, that we are deserving of our rights, and are determined to be free.

After Mr. Lambert's remarks, the Rev. Mr. Brooks was called upon to address the throne of grace.

On motion of Mr. Henry Jackson of Detroit,

Resolved, That a committee of five, consisting of M. J. Lightfoot and A. Derrick of Detroit, J. W. Brooks and A. Aray, of Pittsfield, and G. B. Blanks, of Marshall, be appointed by the Chair, as a committee to examine the credentials, and to make out a roll of this Convention. Adopted.

On motion of Richard Gordon, of Detroit,

Resolved, That all persons, favorable to the call of this Convention, and who have been sent under that call, to deliberate in the doings of this Convention, are requested to hand in their names and their credentials to the committee for examination. Adopted.

The committee after collecting the names and the credentials of all who had appeared as delegates, retired below, in the basement room, to make out the roll. After an absence of about fifteen minutes, they returned, and reported the following list, as the names of those who had been legally elected, and sent to participate in the transactions of the Convention.

The roll here given, stands as the one subsequently completed and used by the Convention, to wit:

Detroit--Rev. W.C. Monroe, Richard Gordon, Henry Jackson, William Dolerson, William Lambert, Willis R. Wilson, Alford Derrick, Madison J. Lightfoot, Robert Allen, George R. Sims, Henry Bibb, Othello P. Hoyt.

Jackson--Calvin Hackett, Henry Calvin.

Marshall--G. B. Blanks, A. R. West.

Washtenaw Co.--William Smith, W. Hardy, John Rigs, Nelson Ockry, Asher Aray, Rev. J. W. Brooks, Thomas Freeman of Ann Arbor.

The committee after reporting the above roll, also stated that eight other individuals of Detroit had appeared and handed in their credentials to the committee, and after a strict examination, was by them rejected, upon the consideration of their not having been elected by the mass of the people, but at a private meeting, called by themselves, after the regular delegates here reported, had been legally elected by the mass of the people of the city.

A dispute took place which occupied much time, and continued until the leader of those eight, who also claimed seats as delegates, had left the house. The Convention then resumed its business.

On motion of Mr. Dolerson.

Resolved, That a committee of three be appointed by the Chair to select from among the delegates, candidates for the regular officers of this Convention, the said committee to report forthwith. Adopted.

The chair appointed the following gentlemen, as said committee:--Henry Jackson, Asher Aray, and Thomas Freeman.

The committee, after retiring, reported the following gentlemen who were unanimously elected, and took their seats as officers of the Convention:

Rev. Wm. C. Monroe, President.

Calvin Hackett, of Jackson,}

J.W. Brooks, of Pittsfield,} Vice Presidents.

Othello P. Hoyt ,of Detroit,}

Nelson Ockry, of Sharon,} Secretaries.

The Rev. Wm. C. Monroe, in assuming his station as President of the Convention, in his usual plain and impressive style, addressed the members in a brief but very appropriate manner.

After the President had taken his seat, and declared the Convention open for regular business, it was, on motion of Henry Bibb,1

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