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Report of the Meeting of the Colored Citizens of Indiana, January 17, 1842.


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then offered by Jesse White, beseeching the God of all goodness to accelerate our weak but willing faculties.

John G. Britton was then called on by the chairman to read the circular from Madison, and state the object of the meeting. He made some very appropriate remarks, and was followed by several other gentlemen.

On motion of J. G. Britton,

Resolved, That the different committees be appointed by the Chair, which was adopted.

On motion, Resolved, That a committee of three be appointed to draw up a statement of the business done at the present meeting and prepare resolutions for the next; which resulted in the appointment of Allen E. Graham, John G. Britton, and Jesse White to said committee.

Resolved, That we concur with our Madison friends in the fundamental doctrine as stated in their circular, to wit, that we believe no well informed colonizationist is a devoted friend to the moral elevation of the people of color.

On motion of J. G. Britton,

Resolved, That a committee of five be appointed to determine when and where the State Convention shall be held, and report the next meeting.

Willis Brown, O. Mifflin, A. Turner, O. Stuart, and J. Tucker, were appointed said committee.

On motion,

Resolved, That we do wholly and solely believe our friends, when they tell us the importance of a general union among our people.

J. White arose, and made some appropriate remarks on the subject of resolution, and was followed by Mr. T. Roberts.

Resolved, That in our opinion meeting in State convention will be a great means of producing a general union among our people.

Resolved, That we invite all our friends to lend us their influence in getting up a general union among our people.

The meeting then adjourned to meet again at the same place, on the 21st instant.

T. Roberts, Chairman. A. J. Overalls, Sec.

January 21, 1842.

The colored citizens met pursuant to adjournment.

The meeting being called to order, prayer was offered by the Rev. A. E. Graham.

It was moved by A. E. Graham that the Rev. T. Roberts be appointed Chairman and A. J. Overalls Secretary. Agreed to.

On motion of J. G. Britton, the proceedings of the former meeting were read by the Secretary.

The chairman then called upon the committee of five, appointed at the last meeting, to bring forward their report relative to the time and place of holding the convention, when

A. Turner, chairman of the committee, reported that, in the opinion of the committee, the first Monday in May next would be the most convenient time at which to hold the State convention, and the place Terre-Haute.

The report was accepted and the committee discharged.

On motion, the meeting resolved itself into a committee of the whole, for the purpose of electing a committee of three, to be called the central committee.

G. Britton, A. E. Graham, and V. Morgan were elected said committee.

On motion, it was Resolved, That it shall be the duty of the Central committee to correspond with our brethren throughout the State, and with the different committees which may be hereafter appointed.

The meeting then went into the election of delegates, which resulted in the choice of John G. Britton, John Crowder, A. E. Graham, T. Roberts, and N. Morgan.

On motion of J. G. Britton,

Resolved, That we will co-operate with our brethren in Philadelphia, by getting up a State convention, and appoint delegates to represent us.

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