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Proceedings of the State Equal Rights' Convention, of the Colored People of Pennsylvania, held in the city of Harrisburg February 8th, 9th, and 10th, 1865 : together with a few of the arguments presented suggesting the necessity for holding the convention, and an address of the Colored State Convention to the people of Pennsylvania.

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business education, and the great importance of making earnest endeavors to secure positions in which they may be practically engaged in some mercantile or mechanical pursuit. On motion of Mr. O. L. C. Hughes the Resolution was adopted.

2. Resolved, That we re-iterate the sentiment contained in the fifth Resolution adopted by the National Convention of Colored men, held in the city of Syracuse, N.Y., October 4th, 1864, viz. :--"that we extend the right hand of fellowship to the freedmen of the South, and express our warmest sympathy and our deep concern for their welfare, prosperity and happiness; and desire to exhort them to shape their course toward frugality, the accumulation of property, and above all, to leave untried no amount of effort and self denial to acquire knowledge, and to secure a vigorous moral and religious growth. We desire, further, to assure them of our co-operation and assistance; and that our efforts in their behalf be given without measure and be limited only by our capacity to give, work and act." On motion of R. M. Adger, the Resolution was adopted.

3. Resolved, That this Convention endorse the action the delegates from this State to the late National Convention, in the preliminaries laid down by them, looking toward the formation of a State Equal Rights' League; and that the movement started by them receive our hearty co-operation and support. The Resolution was adopted on motion of Mr. Thomas Early.

4. Whereas, The National Convention of Colored men which assembled in the city of Syracuse, N.Y., October 4, 1864, organized a National Equal Rights' League, having for its objects the promotion of education, the encouragement of sound morality, the exemplification of temperance and frugality, the practice of economy and everything which pertains to well ordered and dignified life; and whereas, the National Equal Right's League so formed, have invited the co-operation of the several States, and recommended to them the formation of auxiliary Leagues to aid in furtherance of its objects, therefore,

Resolved, That we heartily endorse the action of the said National Convention, in the organization of an Equal Rights' League, approve the principles as adopted by that League, and will proceed to organize in this Convention, a State Equal Rights' League in accordance with its provisions. The Preamble and Resolution were recommended by the Business Committee to be indefinitely postponed.

Rev. Joseph A. Nelson moved, that in accordance with the Business Committee's recommendation, the whole subject be indefinitely postponed.

The motion was opposed by the Rev. C. J. Carter, and supported by Mr. A. M. Green, who stated that the State League which now exists, had already been sustained and endorsed by the Resolution previously passed.

On motion of Mr. P. N. Judah, the subject was laid on the table until the Report of the Finance Committee should be heard.

Mr. James R. Gordon, Chairman of Committee on Finance, then presented the following Report:


Feb. 8, Tax from Delegates, $89.00

" " Afternoon Collection, 4.36

" " Evening 10.71

" 9, Morning Collection, 1.74

" " Tax from Delegates, 46.00

" " Afternoon Collection, 1.36

" " Evening Collection 21.77

Total Receipts $174.94 "

Paid out. 138.55

Balance in hand, 36.39


For Church Hire, $50.00

" Erecting platform 2.50

" Stationery and Printing, 2.55

" Expenses of Traveling Agent, 47.00

" Printing Call and Appeal, 25.00

" Printing second Call, 7.50

" Advertising Appointm's, Agt. 4.00

Total Paid Out, $138.00

Mr. P. N. Judah moved that the Report of the Finance Committee be adopted.

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