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Proceedings of the State Equal Rights' Convention, of the Colored People of Pennsylvania, held in the city of Harrisburg February 8th, 9th, and 10th, 1865 : together with a few of the arguments presented suggesting the necessity for holding the convention, and an address of the Colored State Convention to the people of Pennsylvania.

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David D. Turner,

George B. Vashon, 7

Benjamin F. Pulpress,

Moses Brown.

Moved by Mr. Robert M. Adger, that when we adjourn, we adjourn to meet at 2 o'clock this afternoon. Carried.

On motion of Mr. Bustill, the Convention then adjourned.

Afternoon Session.

Pursuant to adjournment, the President, pro tempore, called the Convention to order at 2 o'clock.

The Roll, as reported from the Committee on Credentials, was called, and the minutes of the morning session read and approved.

Mr. Joseph C. Bustill, Chairman of the Committee on Permanent Organization, asked permission to make the following Report, --


Rev. John Peck, of Pittsburg.


Rev. Elisha Weaver, Philadelphia,

Moses Brown, Hollidaysburg,

O. L. C. Hughes, Harrisburg,

James Davenger, Pittston,

John Welsh, Bellefonte,

William Nesbitt, Altoona.


Octavius V. Catto, Philadelphia,

A. T. Harris, Harrisburg,

George B. Vashon, Pittsburgh.

Mr. A. M. Green, moved that the name of Mr. Redman Fausett of Philadelphia, be substituted for that of Prof. Vashon on the list of Secretaries. Carried.

The Report, as amended, was then unanimously adopted.

The President elect then took the Chair, and the Convention and audience joined in singing:--

Blow ye the trumpet, blow;

after which, the President, having delivered an earnest and feelingly eloquent prayer for the harmony and wisdom of the deliberations of the Convention, proceeded to acknowledge the honor conferred upon him by electing him to the position which he occupied, and gave it as his opinion that the present Convention had more reasons to hope for the success of the objects which it was convened to further, than any other ever held by the Colored people of this State. He believed firmly in the hand of Providence as seen in the shifting scenes through which we are now passing, and urged the members to lay aside all sectional feelings and proceed to the business before them, as one man, united in desire and united in action.

On motion of Mr. A. M. Green, the following was unanimously adopted.

Resolved, That the thanks of this Convention are due, and are hereby tendered to Messrs. William Nesbitt of Altoona, and Octavius V. Catto of Philadelphia, for the able and efficient manner in which they have respectively served this Body as temporary Chairman and Secretary.

Mr. D. B. Bowser, Chairman of the Committee on Rules, made the following

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