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Minutes of the State Convention of Colored Citizens of Pennsylvania, Convened at Harrisburg, December 13-14, 1848.


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Pursuant to a call for a State Convention of the colored citizens of Pennsylvania, for the purpose of devising the most efficient method to petition the Legislature for the elective franchise, the Convention assembled at Harrisburg, Dauphin County, on Wednesday morning, Dec. 13th, 1848.

An informal meeting was held at the Wesleyan Methodist Church, and the Rev. George Galbraith appointed Chairman, and Francis A. Duterte, Secretary.

A motion was made by Dr. Peck, that the delegates present give their credentials into the hands of the Secretary. When the following delegates from the several different counties were enrolled as members of the Convention.

Allegheny County--John B. Vashon.

Berks County--Joseph E. Gardner, Joseph Murry, George C. Anderson.

Blair County--Daniel Williams.

Cumberland County--Wm. Webb, Edward Hawkins, Richard Johnson, Joseph Johnson, Jacob Stratton.

Centre County--Joseph St. Clair.

Chester Country--Abraham D. Shadd, John N. Bond, Charles E. Clayton, Wm. Lewis.

Columbia County--Wm. Thomson.

Dauphin County--John Wolf, Henry H. Price, John F. Williams, Thomas Earley, Aquilla Amos, John Gray, Andrew Gorden, William Spence, Joseph Popel, Charles I. Dorris, Edward Thomason, George Adley, Henry Johnson, Richard C. Brown, James Popel, James Reese, Wm. H. Davis, Charles L. Robertson, Daniel Jackson, Valentine Brown.

Franklin County--Nelson H. Turpen, Jesse Bolden.

Huntington County--Isaac J. Dickson.

Juniata County--Samuel Molston, John L. Griffith.

Lycoming Country--Philip Roderic.

Lancaster County--William Whipper, Leonard A. Williams, Wm. H. Wilson, Washington Webster, Robert Boston.

Mifflin County--David Roach. Jonathan Graham.

Philadelphia County--Stephen Smith, George Galbraith, James J. G. Bias, David B. Bowser, John C. Bowers, James D. Knight, Mifflin W. Gibbs, Robert Purvis, Francis A. Duterte, Isaiah Ware, James McCrummel, Samuel Van Brakle, David J. Peck, Henry Cooper, Joshua P. B. Eddy, Benjamin Moore, Robert Brown, Wm. Marten, Wm. Jackson, Perry Miller.

Schuylkill County--John Lee.

York County--Wm. Stanford, Wm Cupit.

Resolved, That there be a committee of one from each county present to nominate officers for this Convention. The following persons compose that committee:

Allegheny County, John B. Vashon

Berks " Joseph E. Gardiner

Blair " Daniel Williams

Chester " Charles E. Clayton

Columbia " Wm. Thomson

Dauphin " John F. Williams

Franklin " Nelson Turpin

Juniata " Samuel Molston

Huntington " Isaac J. Dickson

Lycoming " Philip Roderic

Lancaster " Wm. Whipper

Mifflin " David Roach

Philadelphia Isaiah C. Weir

Schuylkill " John Lee

York " Wm. Stanford

On motion Rev. Stephen Smith, J. G. Wolf and H. H. Price were appointed as a committee to obtain a more suitable place for the holding of the Convention.

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