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Proceedings of the State Convention of the Colored Freemen of Pennsylvania, Held in Pittsburgh, on the 23d, 24th and 25th of August, 1841, for the Purpose of Considering their Condition, and the Means of Its Improvement. (Copy 2)


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when we are prepared to put this charge to silence; when we will not only begin, but accomplish our designs. It passed them under the full expectation that every individual in the Commonwealth would heartily respond to them, and cheerfully assist in carrying them out. And if thus responded to, and thus carried out, just as sure as the rays of the sun warm the frozen earth, and cause it to produce its fruit in its season, or as the rivers run from the mountains to the ocean, we will be raised to the rank of a wealth, intelligent, and virtuous people.

In conclusion, it is true, that in this Commonwealth we suffer some grievances; but at the same time we enjoy many privileges; and let us not abuse one of them, but use all to the best advantage. Thus we will show, that although we do not enjoy all our rights, we at least deserve them.

The present is a most important crisis in our history. The whole country is more or less agitated on our account, and all eyes are upon us. Every one must therefore feel the necessity of the utmost circumpection in all our conduct, whether private or public. We owe this to God, if we hope for His blessings; to ourselves, if we wish to obtain our rights, and to our posterity, if we wish them to rise up and call us blessed.

{Lewis Woodson, of Allegheny, Richard Chidester, of Fayette, Samuel Williams, of Cambria, Nathaniel M'Curdy, of Greene, John B. Vashon, of Allegheny, } Committee.


Thomas Norris, Amos Siscoe, Bernard Mahorney, Sr., Rev. Samuel Collins, Samuel Venable, Charles Jones, Rev. A. D. Lewis, John Auford, William M. Jones, Charles Richards, Henry Jackson, Thomas A. Brown, Rev. Lewis Woodson, Vincent A. Johnson, James Morgan, John B. Vashon, William Wilder, George Duncan, Solomon Norris, Jesse Halestock, Rev. Thos. Lawrence, John Peck, of P., Nathaniel Dixon, James Anderson, Samuel Bruce, Sr., Edward R. Parker, Robert Bowie, George W. Parker, Joseph H. Mahorney, William L. Barns, John N. Templeton, Robert Bailey, Juba Newton, Martin R. Delaney, David Bodey, Washington Hunter, George Gardner, James H. Holley, George Spears, Robert L . Hawkins, Samuel J. Wilkison, William Murray, John Curtis, Henderson H. Nicholson, Thomas Timms, John Mitchell, Sr., James H. Butler, Thomas Knox, Benjamin P. Calder, David Turbin, John Williams, Matthew Jones, Henry Williams Daniel Carney, Halson Vashon, William E. Harris, Nathan Moore, William M. Austin, Moses Howard, Lewis M'Alfrey, David Dickens, Parker Soil, Henry M. Collins, Isaiah Watson, Rev. Leonard Collins, Charles Dockens, Henry Burton, John H. Butler, Larkin Graves, Samuel Bailey, Samuel Delaney, Charles Beno, Alfred Gibson, John Lewis, Obadiah Maloney, Robert Smith, Sr., Frederick A. Hinton, Charles Wedley, Henry Anderson, Joshua E. Campbell, Daniel Johnson, Alfred Smith, George A. Collins, Jonathan Green, John Marshall, James M'Crummell, Bernard Mahorney,Jr., George M. Baker, William Nickens, George Austin, Rev. Samuel Johnson, Zedekiah J. Purnel, Samuel Williams, Samuel Robinson, George Butler, William Porter, Owen A. Barrett, Alexander Ferguson, Thomas S. Robinson, Rev. G. W. Boler, Orange Lewis, Elias Johnson, Benjamin Richards, Charles Henry, Jonathan Willis, James Benford, John H. Butler, Samuel Adley, Young Reed, Samuel Collins, Jr., Henry Fields, John Peck, of A., Daniel Mahorney, Jeremiah Fisher,

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