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Proceedings of the New York State Council of Colored People, January 2, 1854.


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The Council then proceeded with the consideration of motion of McDonough, which after a protracted debate, was adopted.

Mr. Morrel begged to be left off from the Committee, and the President appointed Messrs. McDonough, Duffins, Loguen, Wilson and J. W. B. Smith, the Committee.

Resolution No. 3, from the Business Committee on "Districting the State," was taken up and being under consideration, when on motion, the was laid over until nine o'clock Wednesday morning.

Mr. Morrel presented the following resolution, which he prefaced a few remarks:

Resolved, That the New York State Council have learned with deep regret, of the sudden and melancholy death of John B. Vashon, Esq., of Pittsburgh, Penn., long known and endeared to his brethren, as the earnest, faithful, consistent and well-tried friend of the Slave, as well as the able, unceasing and fearless advocate of the rights of humanity, and that this Council truly sympathizes with his bereaved family in their affliction; that a copy of this Resolution signed by the President and Secretary, be transmitted to the family of our deceased brother, and to the "Frederick Douglass' Paper," for publication.

Which Resolution was unanimously adopted, each member rising from his seat. When on motion Council adjourned.

Wednesday Morning, Jan. 4th.

Council met. Prayer by the Rev. J. W. Loguen. President in the Chair. Proceeded to business by reading the minutes of the last meeting, which motion were adopted.

Resolution No. 3, on "Districting the State," and increasing the number of the New York State Council to forty members, being under consideration elicited, quite an animated discussion. The President, Mr. Wm. H. Topp, considered the resolution to be in opposition to the spirit and intention of the Constitution of the National Council, and therefore earnestly opposed its passage; he admitted the necessity of increasing the Council, but inclined to the opinion that we ought to address the National Council in the matter. On the other side, the advocates for the increase contended that we have the sole and entire control of all matters relating to our State affairs; that the National Council have no authority to interfere in any of our local arrangements, nor can the National Council operate in the State of New York, but by and through the State Council.

The resolution being put was voted down. A motion to reconsider was declared out of order by the President. An appeal from the decision of the President was demanded, but finally it was withdrawn.

The Rules were suspended, so far as to limit each speaker to five minutes, and not to speak more than twice on the same subject.

Mr. McDonough presented the following:

Resolved, That all local Treasuries holding Funds, the result of our State Elections, are hereby requested to forward the same to the Council's Treasurer, Mr. William Rich, Troy, New York, which was adopted, and the Council adjourned to dinner.

Wednesday Afternoon, Jan. 4th.

Council met. Prayer by the Rev. J. W. Loguen. Proceeded to business by reading the minutes of the morning session, which were approved and all adopted.

A motion to reconsider the resolution increasing the State Council being in order, was made and voted; and on the reconsideration the Yeas and Nays being called for, were as follows:

Yeas--Messrs. Loguen, Wilson, Morrel, Duffins, Rich and Smith, 6.

Nays--Messrs. Topp and McDonough, 2; and the resolution increasing the number of members in the State Council, was passed.

Mr. Lewis H. Nelson, a member from Williamburgh, L. I., arrived, and being introduced to the Council, took his seat.

The following resolution presented by Mr. Morrel, was adopted, to wit:

Resolved, That on the 15th day of November, 1854, an election be held throughout the State, for the election of 20 additional members to the State Council; the said election shall be held, and conducted, under the same Rules

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