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Proceedings of the New York State Council of Colored People, January 2, 1854.


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NEW YORK, 1854

warmly approved of the speech of Mr. Loguen, and desired, if possible, to go even farther than Mr. Loguen had advanced, as he felt and believed that Human Rights were not to be defined either by sex or complexion.

The Business Committee reported through Mr. J. B. Smith, which on being read, was accepted for consideration:


Whereas, The Census taken in 1850, states the Colored Population of the State of New York, to be a fraction less than 50,000, but we have unmistakable reasons for believing that statement erroneous, and that we exceed the number stated; therefore,

1st. Be it Resolved, That the State of New York is entitled to at least ten additional members in the National Council. Adopted.

2d. Resolved, That a Committee of three members be appointed on Statistics, whose duty shall be to obtain as [soon] as practicable, a correct Census of the Colored Population of the State of New York, with the number of farmers, quantity of Land owned, the number of Mechanics, and amount of Capital invested, and that said Committee report at our next meeting. Adopted.

Messrs. Duffins, of Geneva, Boston, of Poughkeepsie, and H. M. Wilson, of New York City, were appointed the Committee.

3d. Resolved, That a Committee of three members be appointed to divide the State into 20 Districts, and that each District be allowed two members, and that the Districts be numbered 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, State Council Districts. Laid on the table.

4th. That a Standing Committee be appointed to be located at or near Albany, whose duties shall be to Petition the Legislature for the right of suffrage to attend to the publication of all matters relating to the people of color, to receive the nominations of the several Council Districts, and when received, to publish the same as the regular State Council Ticket. Rejected.

5th. Resolved, That an Agent, or Agents be appointed, to travel the State, and Lecture to the people, explaining the objects of the New York State Council. Adopted.

6th. Resolved, That it shall be the duty of the President of the State Council to make a Report to the Council at each General Meeting of the same, making such suggestions for further improvement, and action, as he may consider best, and proper. Adopted.

7th. Resolved, That a Committee of three on Ways and Means, and a Committee of three on School Privileges, be appointed by the President of the State Council, both of said Committee to report at our next meeting in August.

The President appointed on Ways and Means, Messrs. William J. Wilson, Brooklyn, J. W. Loguen, Syracuse, Charles B. Ray, New York. On School Privileges, Messrs. J. C. Morrel, Brooklyn, J. W. C. Pennington, New York, George Weir, Buffalo.

8th. Resolved, That the State Council have full power to fill all vacancies which may occur in the New York delegation, either in the State or National Council. Adopted.

9th. Resolved, That the establishment of an "Industrial School," on the manual labor principle, meets our hearty concurrence, and shall have our earnest, and united support, and that our desire is that it be located in the State of New York. Adopted.


{J. W. Duffins, J. W. B. Smith, Wm. J. Wilson,} Committee.

The motion of D. K. McDonough to appoint a committee of five to nominate the additional members of the National Council, was taken up for consideration.

A motion to adjourn to half-past 7 o'clock, was lost.

A motion to adjourn until Wednesday morning, at 9 o'clock, was now made and lost.

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