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Proceedings of the State Convention of Colored People : held at Albany, New-York, on the 22d, 23d and 24th of July, 1851.


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Resolution 2d was then called, read and submitted to the pleasure of the Convention, which was freely discussed by Messrs. Still, of Brooklyn, Myers, of Albany, and J. P. Johnson, of Albany. Question was then taken, and the 2d resolution adopted.

Resolution 3d was then called for, read, and by motion submitted to the pleasure of the house, which without discussion, was adopted unanimously. After its adoption Mr. A. G. Beman, of New Haven, proposed its reconsideration. A motion being stated to that effect, was overruled by the house.

Resolution 4th was then taken up, and a motion offered that it be adopted; pending which the following gentlemen engaged in a warm and interesting discussion: Messrs. Wright, of Albany, and Wm. F. Johnson, of Ithaca, opposing; and Wm. H. Topp, Wm. P. McIntyre, S. Myers, of Albany, and H. Hicks, of Catskill, sustaining. Hour for adjournment having arrived, a motion prevailed that the session be extended fifteen minutes. Discussion was resumed by Mr. Still and Cutler opposing, and Hiram Johnson and Myers sustaining. After which the Convention adjourned until 7 1/2 P.M.

Evening Session.

The Convention assembled pursuant to adjournment. Prayer by the Rev. E. N. Hall. After which the minutes of the previous session were read and approved. The President announced as the first business in order, the consideration of the 4th resolution, which was under discussion at the time of adjournment, which resolution was discussed with increased warmth and ability, by Messrs. Topp sustaining, and R. Wright and others opposing. Yeas and nays were then called for, and the resolution declared adopted.

Resolution 5th was then called, and by motion submitted to the house, which, without much discussion, was adopted, by Messrs. R. Wright of Albany, W. F. Johnson of Ithaca, and J. N. Stills of Brooklyn, dissenting.

Resolution 6th was read, and a motion being proposed for its adoption, the question was taken without debate, and unanimously adopted.

Resolution 7th was taken up, and by motion submitted to the pleasure the house, which resolution created a spirited and lucid debate, in, which following gentlemen freely participated: Mr. Richard Wright and Benjamin Cutler opposing and W. H. Topp, C. E. Seth, S. Myers, Wm. P. McIntyre and J. W. Williams, sustaining. Pending which, a motion was proposed to adjourn which was overruled by a second motion to extend the session fifteen minutes. After a short discussion the yeas and nays were called for on resolution 7th, and it was adopted.

Rev. Amos G. Beman then offered the following resolution:

Resolved, That there be a committee appointed, to report upon following questions, viz: three on Colonization, three on Elective three on Schools, and three on the Fugitive Slave Bill. The gentlemen were appointed:

C. E. Seth,

B. F. Cutler,

W. C. Gardner,


Wm. H. Topp,

S. Myers,

E.N. Hall,


A.G. Beman,

J.N. Still,

J.P. Johnson

Fugitive Slave Bill.

H. Johnson,

R. Wright,

Wm. Rich,

Suffrage Question.

The fifteen minutes extension of the session having expired, on motion the Convention adjourned.

SECOND DAY Wednesday Morning, July 23d, 1851.

The Convention assembled agreeable to adjournment. President in the chair. Prayer by H. Hicks. After which the minutes of the last meeting were read and approved. The President announced as the first business in order, the consideration of the remaining part of the series of resolutions reported by the business committee, or the reconsideration of resolution

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