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Proceedings of the State Convention of Colored People : held at Albany, New-York, on the 22d, 23d and 24th of July, 1851.


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NEW YORK, 1851

great heart, whose pulse has the life and force of the whole people. Thus inseparably bound in interests, and standing up the vantage ground of the declared principles of the government, we have nothing to fear; "and are doubly armed, for our cause is just." Look forth upon the green and luxuriant fields, the umbrageous forests, and mountains that aspire to arrest the sun in his downward effulgence, and then say will you forsake these glories and blessings, hearth-stone and roof-tree, and deliberately give up yourselves as unworthy of these blessings? If not, then let there be but one expression coming in multiplied force--omnipotent, because ye are resolved; and let it be this:


Wm. P. McIntyre, Edward Freeman, Wm. Rich, C. Edward Seth, Hiram Johnson.


Thursday, July 22d, 1851.

Pursuant to a call, the Convention assembled in the room of the Court of Appeals, on the morning of the 22d of July, at 9 o'clock. The house was called to order by Mr. of Stephen Myers,3 who moved the appointment of Richard Wright Esq., of Albany, as chairman pro tem., H. Hicks, of Catskill, as Secretary, pro tem.

By invitation, the Rev. E. N. Hall, of Brooklyn, N. Y., addressed the Throne of Grace.

On motion of Wm. P. McIntyre, of Albany, the call for the Convention was read by the Secretary, after which the Convention proceeded to enroll the names and residences of delegates, as follows:

Albany.--Stephen Myers, Wm. P. McIntyre, Hiram Johnson, William H. Topp, Francis Douge, Charles E. Seth, Wm. C. Gardiner, Benjamin Cutler, Richard Wright, James P. Johnson, John Springsteel, Abr'm Johnson, James M. Williams, Henry Johnson, Primus Robinson, James Youngs, F. Van Vranken, Peter Vandeveer, Jacob Ennis.

Troy.--Wm. Rich, Edward H. Bishop, Wm. Jones, Abraham Stanley, Daniel Hall, Lloyd Hasper.

Catskill.--Henry Hicks, Martin Cross.

Brooklyn.--Eli N. Hall, John N. Stiles.

Whitehall.--Henry Williams.

Ithaca.--Wm. F. Johnson.

New Haven, Ct.--Amos G. Beman.

Mr. C. E. Seth, of Albany, offered the following resolution, seconded by Hitam Johnson, of all Albany.

Resolved, That all persons present, who have come from those places where no regular delegation to the Convention is appointed--who concur with the spirit of the call of said Convention, and are desirous of participating in its proceedings, shall, by having their names enrolled, be considered as delegates.

This resolution created a spirited and protracted discussion, which was participated in by Messrs. Wm. H. Topp, Hiram Johnson, Charles E. Seth, Henry Hicks, John N. Still, Wm. P. McIntyre, and others, when after an expression from the Convention, the resolution was declared lost.

After which, W. H. Topp offered the following resolution, seconded by S. Myers:

Resolved, That all persons present, who are really the aggrieved, and identically the disfranchised, and are desirous of participating in the proceedings of this Convention, may, after enrolling their names, be considered delegates. And all such other persons, who wish to participate, may do so by invitation from the Convention.

After a short discussion, the question was taken on this resolution, and declared adopted.

By motion of Mr. S. Myers, seconded by Mr. Seth, it was

Resolved, That a committee of three be appointed to nominate permanent

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