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Newspaper Reports on the Convention of the Colored Inhabitants of the State of New York, August 18-20, 1840


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The committee of eight, one from each senatorial district, appointed to suggest a plan by which we can effectually and harmoniously proceed in our future efforts for the right of suffrage, respectfully report the following resolutions:

1. Resolved, That a committee of seven be appointed, consisting of four members from Albany and three from Troy, whose duty it shall be to procure signatures to petitions, and the correspond with other committees throughout the State, appointed for the same purpose.

2. Resolved, That a committee of five from each county in the State, except New York, where there shall be a committee of ten, be appointed in accordance with the last clause of the above resolution--said committees to be termed "county committees."

3. Resolved, That it shall be the duty of the county committees to forward their petitions, when prepared, to the central committee, postage paid, and at as early a date as possible; and the chairman of the central committee to present the same in person to some member or committee of the legislature.

The committee would recommend the house to go immediately into a committee of the whole, to appoint the several county committees.

Respectfully submitted,

{Patrick H. Reason, Uriah Boston, William H. Topp, Elimus P. Rodgers, Abner H. Francis, Ambrose Dunbar, James Sharp, James W. Duffin,} Committee.

On motion,

Resolved, That the report of the committee be accepted.

Resolved, That the first resolution of the committee be adopted.

Resolved, That the central committee of seven consist of the following members: H.H. Garnet, Troy, chairman; C.S. Morton, M. Dougee, John P. Anthony, S. Myers, Albany; G.H. Baltimore, and Daniel Jones, of Troy.

Resolved, That we go immediately into a committee of the whole, to appoint county committees.

The convention went into committee of the whole, R.P.G. Wright in the chair.

On motion,

Resolved, That the third resolution of the committee be adopted.

Resolved, That the committee be discharged with thanks.

Mr. Henry H. Garnet, as chairman of the committee on the address to the colored people, submitted. On motion,

Resolved, That the report of the committee on the address be adopted.

Mr. Alexander Crummell, from the committee on the address, reported an address.

On motion of Charles L. Reason,

Resolved, That the report of the committee on the address to the people of the State, be accepted and adopted; the committee continued, and empowered to embody facts and statistics, as furnished by the appropriate committee; and that it be published with the signatures of the President and secretaries, after having received the careful revision and sanction of this same committee in New York.

Adjourned at half past twelve o'clock.

Thursday Afternoon. The committee on expenditures reported as follows, and were discharged.

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