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Minutes and Proceedings of the Second Annual Convention for the Improvement of the Free People of Color in these United States, held by adjournments in the city of Philadelphia, from the 4th to the 13th of June, inclusive, 1832.

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The committee appointed at the last meeting of the Convention, to attend to the raising of funds for the establishment of a Manual Labor College for the instruction of coloured youth, beg leave to report,—That soon after their appointment, they met, and instructed the Rev. Samuel E. Cornish; the agent appointed by the Convention, to proceed to the soliciting og subscriptions, to commence with the city and vicinity of Philadelphia.

That at his setting out, Mr. Cornish met with great encouragement from the liberal subscriptions of those on whom he called, but that speedily such an opposition was raised by the white citizens of New Haven, the place contemplated by the Convention to locate the College, that they were convinced that it would be more suitable to suspend the operations of the Agent, until a pamphlet, written on the subject, by the Rev. S. S. Jocelyn should be extensively circulated; after which a renewed attempt was made to obtain subscriptions, but with so little success that they determined not to prosecute the work any further until the present meeting of the Convention.

They now submit the subject to your consideration, believing it to be of too great importance to be abandoned without further efforts being made to effect it, and such an Agent or Agents as are not only well qualified for the soliciting of subscriptions, but as would devote their whole attention to it during the ensuing year. We strongly entertain the opinion that the plan may be accomplished. All of which is respectfully submitted.



New York, June 1st, 1832. On motion, Resolved, That Arthur Tappan, Esq. at New York, be appointed to receive, as Treasurer, all monies that may be collected for the purpose of establishing the proposed institution at New Haven or elsewhere, he satisfying the Executive Committee at New York.

On motion of Wm. Whipper, and seconded by T. L. Jennings,—Resolved, That the contemplated College, proposed by the last Convention to be established at New Haven, be established elsewhere; and that the rules and

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