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Minutes and Proceedings of the Second Annual Convention for the Improvement of the Free People of Color in these United States, held by adjournments in the city of Philadelphia, from the 4th to the 13th of June, inclusive, 1832.

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Moved by Thomas L. Jennings, and seconded by Benjamin Paschal, that two persons be added to the committee on the Canada question, and that the reports of the majority and minority be referred to the same, and that they report with all convenient despatch.—Agreed. T. Coxsin and Benj. Paschal were added to the committee.

Moved by John Peck, and seconded by J. C. Morel, that the report of Thomas L. Jennings, Vice President of the Convention for the State of New York be read.—Agreed.

The report set forth that a Society, auxiliary to the Convention, had been established in the city of New York on the 13th day of July last, and at the present time, contains between one hundred and twenty and thirty members; that in Brooklyn, Long Island, a Society for the same purpose, had been formed, consisting of from sixty to seventy members; that in Catskill, a Society was formed; in Albany preparations were making to form a like Society; and that although the Corresponding Secretary, had written to the colored inhabitants of Newburg and Hudson, no answer had been received from the two latter places.

The Secretary had taken an early opportunity, after the adjournment of the previous Convention, to open a correspondence with the colored inhabitants of New York and New Jersey, but that no written communication from that place had transpired.

Mr. John Bowers apprised the meeting, that in consequence of the Trustees wishing to have the Church cleaned for the service on the Sabbath, that the Convention would not be able to meet in that house in the afternoon; whereupon he moved, and was seconded by Mr. Peck, that this session continue one hour beyond the ordinary time of adjournment, which was agreed to unanimously.

Moved by Thos. L. Jennings, and seconded by James Pennington, that we proceed to the appointment of a Vice President and a Corresponding Secretary in each of the States, where the same may be safely done, to hold their offices for one year or until others are appointed. They shall have power to fill any vacancy that may happen, and make such appointments in the different parts of the state, as they may deem conducive to our interests. The following were appointed.

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