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An Address to the people of the United States, adopted at a conference of colored citizens, held at Columbia, S.C. July 20 and 21st, 1876.

1876SC-State-Columbia_Address_Senate-Documents (9).pdf

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of the law, to vindicate the rights of the citizen, to whom protection is due in return for his duty of allegiance. We respectfully ask that he shall illustrate the integrity of that maxim of our republic which declares that, in the just administration of our Government, "there is none so low as to be beneath the protection of the law, and none so high as to be beyond the reach of its authority."

We would likewise appeal to His Excellency the President of the United States to enforce the constitutional guarantee by affording the national protection to the citizens of the United States domiciled in South Carolina, against domestic armed violence, and to aid the chief executive of this State in all proper efforts on his part to arrest and bring to punishment the perpetrators of the bloody crime at Hamburgh.

With the steadfast conviction that our cause is just, and with the earnest hope that we shall receive a fair and impartial hearing, and with firm reliance upon the justice of the American heart, asking only what is fair, performing only what is right, and impelled by the urgent necessity of our case, we appeal to the Christian and humane sentiment of the country to extend toward us moral and, if need be, material assistance in our effort to cultivate the victories of peace."

We have the honor to be, very respectfully, your obedient servants and humble fellow-citizens,

R. B. Elliott.

E. B. Harris.

Jos. D. Boston.

W. B. Nash.

R. O. Clyde.

W. M. Thomas.

J. J. Wright.

Walter R. Jones.

T. C. Cox.

S. A. Swails.

H. W. Boney.

Jas. A. Spencer.

R. H. Cain.

A. W. Simkins.

Gloster H. Holland.

S. B. Thompson.

Frank Carter.

W. H. Thompson.

C. S. Minort.

A. T. B. Hunter.

W. H. Thomas.

H. J. Maxwell.

J. W. Harrison.

D. A. Straker.

H. L. Shrewsbury.

R. H. Humbert.

P. E. Jones.

Lawrence Cain.

D. I. Wallker.

T. McC. Stewart.

W. H. Jones.

R. H. Gleaves.

A. Harris.

C. D. Hayne.

F. L. Cardozo.

John A. Barre.

W. F. Myers.

H. E. Hayne.

C.W. Mossell.

Geo. C. Clyde.

H. W. Purvis.

Jesse Jones.

P. W. Jefferson.

S. J. Lee.

Wilson Cook.

Aaron Logan.

A. W. Curtis.

Ira W. Rice.

W. H. Berney.

Wm. Simons.

Zion Collins.

S. L. Duncan.

W. A. Hayne.

Henry Daniels.

J. S. Mobley.

T. A. Davis.

J. A. Smith.

J. H. White.

P. Simkins.

R. M. Harriet.

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