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Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the Pennsylvania State Equal Rights' League. Held in the City of Harrisburg, August 9th and 10th, 1865.

1865PA-State-Harrisburg_Proceedings_Transcript (17).pdf

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James Davenger, Pittston.

Charles H. Vance, Harrisburg.

John G. Chaplin, Huntingdon.

George W. Dimey, Allegheny City.

Benjamin Pulpress, Allegheny City

Henry Jackson, Birmingham.

Henry T. Burley, Erie.

Charles W. Nighten, Newcastle.

Wm. D. Forten, Phila.

Nathaniel W. Depee, Philadelphia, Penna.

George B. White, do

Rev. Redmond Fauset, do

Henderson Davis Jr. , do

Rev. Jos. A. Nelson, do

Jesse E. Glasgow, do

John C. Bowers, do

Lorenzo D. Blackston, do

James R. Gordon, do

Rev. Elisha Weaver, do

David B. Bowser, do

Phillip N. Judah, do

After the election, the meeting resolved itself into the Committee of the whole--Mr. J. C. Bustill, of Phila., in the chair.

After deliberation, the Committee arose, reported progress, and asked leave to sit again.

Mrs. Henry, of Birminghma, and Mr. R. Bull, of Reading, were on motion, elected Corresponding members meeting.

The Business Committee, through their Chairman, Professor George B. Vashon, of Pittsburgh, reported the following resolutions, which were adopted.

Resolved, That this League recumbent to the National E.R League, as one of its most important duties, the having at least one agent to reside at Washington during the next season of Congress, to press our claims, and endeavor to secure a recognition of our rights.

Whereas, It is evident that the divisions which exist among our people, are injurious and destructive in their bearings on us; and,

Whereas, It is certain that no good can be permanently effected until the spirit of the union be made a grand principle of action; therefrom be it

Resolved, That the Pennsylvania State Equal Rights' League now in session, do most respectfully advise all organizations among our people, and especially the secret institutions, to come together in the spirit of true brotherhood, and work for the common welfare of our people.

Resolved, That we recommend the formation of associations among our youth, auxiliary to our local leagues, on the penny-a-wekk system.

Whereas, There is now remaining in the hands of the Executive Board, at Philadelphia, a large number of the Proceedings of the Pennsylvania E.R. Convention, held at Harrisburg, Pa., in February last, disposed of, and be productive of great good; therefore, be it

Resolved, That they be proportionately divided between the several subordinate leagues for general distribution, and be charged to their account.

Whereas, It has pleased Almighty Wisdom to suffer that great and good man, Abraham Lincoln, late President of the United States, to perish by assignation, since the last Convention of this League, and

Whereas, We deem it but fitting, that the State of Equal Rights' League of Pennsylvania, should be put upon record as among those who mourn this sad dispensation of Providence.--therefore, be it

Resolved, That in the death of Abraham Lincoln, we experienced, indeed, the loss of a ruler, who had been often tried and always found true to the great interests of humanity; and that, as such we who regarded him as our friend, while living, will ever revere him as a martyr to the sacred cause of Liberty, now that he is gone.

On motion, the meeting adjourned till the evening, at 8 o'clock.

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