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Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the Pennsylvania State Equal Rights' League. Held in the City of Harrisburg, August 9th and 10th, 1865.

1865PA-State-Harrisburg_Proceedings_Transcript (14).pdf

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State Conventions, 1865

life, the effusion of blood, and the successful victories they have achieved, demand for them an admission into the arena of true manhood and freedom by giving them the right to vote.

Resolved, That, as it is God Omnipotent who rules the destinies of nations, and who has so graciously guided us through the recent conflict, to Him belongeth all the glory, power, and dominion; in Him we put our trust, now and evermore.

The preamble and resolutions were adopted without debate, after which the meeting adjourned, pending the adoption of the Report of the Business Committee.

Afternoon Session, August 10th.

Vice-President Nesbit in the Chair.

Meeting opened with prayer by Rev. Jos. A. Nelson.

Minutes of the morning session read and approved.

The League now resume the consideration of the report of the Business Committee, and the following resolutions were adopted:

Resolved, That the delegates from Allegheny Co. be requested to report whether they have established any leagues in that county, and if so, whether they are represented here.

Resolved, That the Executive Board be empowered to raise the sum of five thousand dollars ($5000.00) before the 4th of March next, so that the operations of the League may be effectively carried out, and that the Board be appointed to district the State and appoint assessors.

Resolved, That the Executive Board be empowered to appoint an assessor for each district, whose duty shall be to enroll every man, and assess him in proportion to his means, collect and pay such assessment to the Board, and furnish the Board, when called on, a full account of his labors.

Resolved, That these assessors shall be appointed by the State League, and the recommendation of the district Leagues, they knowing best the proper person to fill such positions resident in their respective district.

Resolved, That these assessors shall supervise their respective districts, taking note of all cases which may arise in which our people are interested -- provided, that such cases spring from the white man's hostility and determination to injure and oppress us, and all cases where colored men are assaulted on the public highways, or thrust from rail-road cars, or in any way maltreated. They shall be empowered to prosecute all such cases in the courts, and the League is responsible for all moneys expended in these operations, so that the people may know that the League is the general care-taker of their interests.


For the Christian Recorder

A communication was received from the Lewistown League.

Mr. Bustill, of Philadelphia, objected to the reading of it.

Mr. Forten, of Philadelphia, moved that the rules be suspended in order to consider an important resolution concerning the Ladies' Union Association. (Carried.)

Resolved, That we consider the highest encomiums are due the Ladies' Union Association of Philadelphia, Harrisburg, and Pittsburgh, and their auxiliaries elsewhere, for the kind, benevolent, and almost superhuman exertions they have made in behalf of our sick and wounded soldiers, whose sufferings in many cases would have been passed unheeded and not relieved, had it not been for the faithful and efficient service rendered by these ladies in their mission, which called forth exertions hardly to be expected from those who bear the name of the tender sex. They, undeterred by reproaches and dangers, braved the storms of winter and the exhausting heat of summer; risked disease in hospitals, and faced uncomplainingly the insults and indignities of our heartless enemies, while travelling from point to point, distributing clothing and comforts, such as our brave soldiers could have

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