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Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the Pennsylvania State Equal Rights' League. Held in the City of Harrisburg, August 9th and 10th, 1865.

1865PA-State-Harrisburg_Proceedings_Transcript (10).pdf

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thoroughly arouse the people to the necessity of sustaining a movement whose objects look so directly toward the benefit of our people, contemplating, as they do, the securing of equal rights without regard to color.

In February last a State Convention, the proceedings of which have been published and circulated by the Board, was held in this city (Harrisburg.) The effect of this Convention has been manifest in the interest which has since been taken in the movement by the organization of auxiliary leagues in different parts of the State, and the determination of the people to support the State movement and work in their different localities for the securing of the elective franchise and all its concomitant benefits.

The Solicitor has been instructed by us to issue a circular letter to all churches, lodges and other organizations not liable to identify themselves directly with the operation of the League, and request them to contribute their means in aid of our objects, and to issue another circular, with a direct view of securing the co-operation of such organizations as will identify themselves actively with the League in all its operations. -- Arrangements have been made for further districting the city of Philadelphia and the whole State; and at a recent meeting of the Philadelphia members of the League, committees were appointed for the several districts, charged with the duty of holding public meetings in their respective districts, and urging upon the people the necessity of connecting themselves with leagues and working for the advancement of their objects.

Auxiliary Associations Represented in the State League

No. 1. Colored People's Union League Association of Philadelphia. Four representatives, January 3d, 1865, 25.00. John C. Bowers, Stephen Purnell, Jesse E. Glasgow, Rev. John H. Colbert.

No. 2. Equal Rights' League of Sixth District of Phila. One representative, Jan. 27th, 1865, 10.00. Nathaniel W. Depee.

No. 3. John Brown E.R. League, of Fifth District of Phila. Two representatives, Jan. 30th, 1865, 15.00.

No. 4. Ladies' Union Association of Phila.--One representative, Febuary 7th, 1865, 10.00. William D. Forten.

No. 5. Douglass E.R. League, Third District of Phila. Two representatives, February 14th, 1865, 15.00. Rev. David Tilghman, Isaiah C. Wears.5 Alternates, Dr. J. McC.Crummell, Geo. B. White.

No. 6. Ladies' Union Association of Harrisburg. One representative, March 15th, 1865, 10.00. Mrs. Anna E. Amos. Miss Mary Williams, alternate.

No. 7. Reading E.R. League, No. 1, Reading, Berks county. One representative, July 12th, 1865, 10.00. Henry B. Fry.

No. 8. Friendship Lodge, No. 896, G.U.O. of O.F., Phila. One representative, July 31st, 1865, 10.00. George Whittaker. Rev. R. Fauset, alternate.

No. 9. Lincoln E. R. League, Second District of Phila. One representative, August 1st, 1865, 10.00. Henderson Davis, Jr.

No. 10. Rising Sun E.R. League, Second District of Phila. One representative, August 8th, 1865, 10.00. Lorenzo D. Blackston.

No. 11. New Castle E.R. League, New Castle, Lawrence county. One representative, August 9th, 1865, 10.00. Charles W. Nighten.

No. 12. Benevolent E.R. League, Erie, Erie county. One representative, August 9th, 1865, 10.00. Henry T. Burley.

No. 13. Bellefonte E.R. League, Bellefonte, Centre county. One Representative, August 9, 1865, $10.00. Franklin Johnson.

No. 14. Altoona E.R. League, Altoona, Blair county. Two Representatives, August 9, 1865, $15.00. William Nesbit and John Alexander.

No. 15. Hollidaysburg E.R. League, Hollidaysburg, Blair county. Two Representatives, August 9, 1865, $15.00. Daniel Williams and Moses Brown.

No. 16. Huntingdon E.R. League, Huntingdon, Huntingdon count. One Representative, August 9, 1865, $10.00. John G. Chaplin.

No. 17. Pittsburgh E.R. League, Pittsburgh [illegible].

Exhibit 1.

Dr. James H. Wilson, Treas., in account with

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