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Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the Pennsylvania State Equal Rights' League. Held in the City of Harrisburg, August 9th and 10th, 1865.

1865PA-State-Harrisburg_Proceedings_Transcript (9).pdf

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Pennsylvania, 1865

The amendment was adopted.

Mr. Bustill, of Philadelphia, moved to fill up blanks in Art. 4th, Constitution of Auxiliary Leagues, [and] the word "two." Not agreed to.

Mr. Bustill, of Phila., moved an amendment to Art. 7th Constitution of Auxiliary Leagues, making the entrance fee not less than 25 cents, and the monthly contributions not less than 10 cents. Not agreed to.

The Following amendment to Art. 9th: Constitution of Auxiliary Leagues, offered by Prof. G. B. Vashon, of Pittsburgh, elicited a short, but spirited debate, and was finally voted down by a large majority:

In the elections, each member not in arrears, shall be entitled to one vote, and to one additional vote for each and every dollar that he may pay into the treasury over and above the amount of his or her annual contributions.

Moved by Mr. Bustill, of Phila., that the Constitutions of State and Auxiliary Leagues be now adopted as amended. Carried.

Mr. Solicitor Bustill reported the No. 17 Pittsburgh E.R. League, Prof. Geo. B. Vashon, representative, and paid their representation fee ($10.)

The choirs of the City being present by invitation of the League, were requested by the President to sing; and they eloquently discoursed "My Country, 'tis of thee," while the Finance Committee were making their collection.

Mr. Fauset, of Philadelphia, offered a resolution, providing for the taxation of Auxiliary Leagues, according to their membership.

Referred to the Business Committee.

The meeting then resolved itself into the committee of the whole on the state of League.

Mr. J. C. Bustill, of Philadelphia, in the chair.

After deliberation, the Committee rose and asked leave to sit again, which was granted, and the meeting adjourned till to-morrow morning at 10 o'clock.

Morning Session, August 10.

The League met at 10 o'clock--Mr. President Peck in the chair.

The meeting was opened by the reading of the 86th Psalm, after which the roll was called and tax collected. Minutes of last evening's session read and approved.

On motion of Mr. D. Williams, of Hollidaysburg, Rev. Theodore Green was elected a corresponding member of the meeting.

The following Report of the Executive Board read by the Secretary was adopted on motion of Mr. Brown, of Hollidaysburg.

To the President and Members of the Pennsylvania State Equal Rights' League:--

Gentlemen: The Executive Board of the League take pleasure in submitting for your consideration the following report of their doings from the organization of the League to the present time. We regret that we cannot give a history of more earnest action and greater results, for, as all reformatory measures are of slow progress, so our movement has been, and in its inception was beset with difficulties which now happily have been overcome, and we congratulate you, in the fact that our organization now stands on a firm basis.

In the city of Philadelphia six (6) auxiliary leagues have been formed, and, for the most part, they are in successful working order.

As yet, only seventeen (17) organizations have identified themselves with the League by payment of the representation fee. Others, however, have been formed in different parts of the State, and we have reason to hope and believe that their identification is simply a question of time.

Two memorials have been printed and sent to our State Legislature, one on the question of equal privileges on railroad cards,4 and the other on the subject of the elective franchise. These, we doubt not, have had some effect. Numerous public meetings, in the interest of our organization, have been held in the city of Philadelphia; and the endeavors of the Board have been to

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