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Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the Pennsylvania State Equal Rights' League. Held in the City of Harrisburg, August 9th and 10th, 1865.

1865PA-State-Harrisburg_Proceedings_Transcript (4).pdf

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minutes the first, and five minutes the second time.

5. All business for the consideration of the meeting must be presented in writing, read, and referred without debate to the Business Committee.

6. Matthias's Manual shall govern the proceedings of this body in all cases for which provisions are not herein made, Signed, James McC.Crummell, O. L. C. Hughes, Nath'L. W. Depee. -- Committee.

Mr. Solicitor Bustill paid forty dollars ($40) from the following Auxiliary Leagues: No. 14, Altoona E.R. League, Altoona Blair Co., $15.00--Two representatives, Wm. Nesbit, and John Alexander. No. 15, Hollidaysburg E.R. League, Hollidaysburg, Blair Co., $15.--Two representatives, Dan'l. Williams, and Moses Brown. No. 16, Huntingdon E.R. League, Huntingdon, Huntingdon Co., $10.00.--One representative, John G. Chaplin. The Committee on Credentials reported through their chairman, Mr. Jos. C. Bustill, of Philadelphia. The report is as follows, and was adopted on motion of Mr. Browd, of Hollidaysburg:

To the President and members of Penna. State E.R. League:

Gentlemen: The undersigned Committee on Credentials beg leave to report:--

That having examined the credentials of the following named gentlemen, we find them to be the regularly appointed representatives of the auxiliaries to which they are respectively accredited.

Henderson Davis, Jr., Lincoln E.R.League, 1st District of Philadelphia. Lorenzo D. Blackston, Rising Sun E.R.League, 2d District of Phila. Chas. W. Nighten, New Castle E.R.League, New Castle, Lawrence Co. Henry T. Burley, Benevolent E.R.League, Erie, Erie Co. Franklin Johnson, Bellfonte E.R. League, Bellefonte, Centre Co. William Nesbit, Altoona E.R. League, Altoona, Blair Co. Daniel Williams, Hollidaysburg E.R. League, Hollidaysburg, Blair Co. Moses Brown, Hollidaysburg E.R. League, Hollidaysburg, Blair Co. John G. Chaplain, Huntingdon E.R. League, Huntingdon, Huntingdon Co. Signed, Joseph C. Bustill, Ch, Daniel Williams, Aaron L. Still, E. R. Parker, C. H. Kelley.--Committee.

On motion of Mr. Hughes, of Harrisburg, Mr. Henry T. Burley, of Erie, was appointed Assist. Secretary pro tem.

Moved by Mr. J. C. White, Jr., of Philadelphia, that we proceed to appoint the Business Committee, and that Prof. Vashon, of Pittsburgh, be chairman. Carried.

The Committee, as appointed, stands thus:

Prof. G. B. Vashon, of Pittsburgh, Chairman. O. L. C. Hughes, of Harrisburg. B. Pulpress, of Allegheny City. William D. Forten, of Phila. Rev. James Henry, of Birmingham.

Moved by Mr. Bustill, of Philadelphia, that we proceed to appoint the Committee of Finance, and that Mr. Nathaniel W. Depee, of Philadelphia, be Chairman. Carried.

The following is the Committee, as appointed:

Nath'l. W. Depee, of Philadelphia, Chairman. Edward R. Parker, of Allegheny city. Samuel Molson, of Lewistown. George W. Dimey, of Allegheny city. Rev. C. J. Carter, of Harrisburg.

Moved by Mr. B. Pulpress, of Allegheny city, that we adjourn tomorrow at 4 o'clock.

Moved by Mr. D. Williams, of Hollidaysburg, to lay on table. Carried.

Moved by Mr. Brown, of Hollidaysburg, that we adjourn to-morrow at 12 o'clock.

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