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Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the Pennsylvania State Equal Rights' League. Held in the City of Harrisburg, August 9th and 10th, 1865.

1865PA-State-Harrisburg_Proceedings_Transcript (2).pdf

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State Conventions, 1865

favor we shall certainly prosper. We want unity of sentiment, and confidence in each other. The design of the National League is to inspire confidence in all our deliberations, and especially in one another. When we reach that degree of self-respect we will have made one great step toward the end to be attained. With these few remarks I announce that the League is organized and ready for business.

The President directed the Secretary to call the roll of the League, and thirty-one members answered to their names.

One motion of Mr. Bustill, of Philadelphia, T. Morris Chester and William H. Parham, Esqs., reporters respectively of the "Press" and "Colored Citizen,"1 were invited to seats at the table on the platform.

The following resolution, offered by Mr. Bustill, of Philadelphia,2 was unanimously adopted:

Resolved, That the following committees, consisting of five (5) members each, shall constitute of the Standing Committees of the League.

1. Committee on Credentials.

2. Committee on Business.

3. Committee on Finance.

On motion the following appointment was made for Committee on Credentials:

J.C. Bustill, of Philadelphia, Ch.

Dan'l Williams of Hollidaysburg,

Aaron L. Still, " Reading,

E.R. Parker, " Allegheny,

Chas. H. Kelley, " Williamsport.

On motion of Mr. Bustill, of Philadelphia, Mr. Henry B. Fry, of Reading, was appointed Assistant Secretary pro tem.

On motion of Mr. Bustill, of Philadelphia, a Committee of three (3) was appointed to draft rules for the government of the annual meetings of the League.

The following is the appointment:

Dr. J. McC.Crummell, of Philadelphia, Ch.

Nathaniel W. Depee, " "

O. L. C. Hughes, " Harrisburg.

Mr. Bustill, of Philadelphia, Chairman of the Committee on Credentials, arose and said that a great deal of misunderstanding has been prevalent concerning the question of membership in the State League. Those persons who were members of the Convention held in February last were members of the State League for one year, ending February, 1866. All persons wishing to become members, must do so by becoming the representatives of Auxiliary Leagues.

Mr. Nesbit, of Altoona, thought that great injustice had been done to the representatives of Auxiliary Leagues by exacting of them a representative fee, while those persons who were members of the Convention were not compelled to pay such fee.

Mr. Williams of Hollidaysburg, agreed with Mr. Nesbit, and held that it being the object of the League to raise money, all should be taxed alike.

Prof. Vashon, of Pittsburgh, urged that, as each member of the State Convention had paid his assessment of two dollars, ($2.00,) his league was thus made an auxiliary, the same as in the case of a league which had paid the representation fee provided for in the Constitution.

Mr. Nesbit, of Altoona, contended that every member of the State League should be a representative of some auxiliary association which had identified itself with the League by the payment of the representation fee as provided for in the [constitution].

Mr. J. C. White, Jr.,3 of Philadelphia thought that there were in the State League at present three (3) classes of members, viz: 1. Those who were members previously in the Convention of February last. 2. Those who became members by reason of their membership of the February Convention. 3. Those who had been duly accredited as representatives from auxiliary societies which have identified themselves by paying the representative fee, as provided for in the Constitution. These members all have equal rights here, and he who became a member by reason of his membership of the Convention, has the same rights on this floor as he who comes as an auxiliary representative.

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