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Proceedings of the Civil Rights Mass-Meeting held at Lincoln Hall, October 22, 1883. Speeches of Hon. Frederick Douglass and Robert G. Ingersoll.

1883DC-National-Washington_Proceedings (58).pdf

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Current Saved Transcription [history]

Robert G. Ingersoll's Writings.

Only authorized editions. ______

Vol. I.-THE GODS, AND OTHER LECTURES. Contents: "The Gods," "Humboldt," "Thomas Paine," "individuality," "Heretics and Heresies." 12mo, 253 pages, cloth, $1.25 ; paper, 50 cents.

Vol. II.-THE GHOSTS, AND OTHER LECTURES. Contents: "The Ghosts," "The Liberty of Man, Woman and Child," "The Declaration of Independence," "About Farming in Illinois," "The Grant Banquet Toast," "The Past Rises Before Me Like a Dream," "Tribute to REV. Alexander Clark," "Tribute to Ebon C. Ingersoll," 12mo, 243 pages, cloth $1.25 ; paper, 50 cts.

VOL. III.-SOME MISTAKES OF MOSES. 12mo, 278 pages, cloth, $1.25; paper 50 cents.

VOL. IV.-INGERSOLL ON TAMAGIAN THEOLOGY. (New.) 443 pages, cloth, gilt top, $2 00. Plain cloth, $1.25. Paper, 50 cents.

WHAT MUST WE DO TO BE SAVED ? 89 pp., 12mo, paper, 25 cents.

THE CHRISTIAN RELIGION. A series of articles on the Christian Religion, by Col. ROBERT G. INGERSOLL, Judge JEREMIAH S. BLACK, and Prof. GEO. P. FISHER. The only complete and authorized edition ; one volume, 8vo, 113 pages, cloth $1.00. Paper, 50 cents.

VINDICATION OF THOMAS PAINE, from the attacks of the New York Observer by ROBERT G> INGERSOLL. Paper, 25 cents.

The Busts of Voltaire, Pain and Ingersoll. Cabinet size; true to life. Price, $1.50 each. Every admirer of these apostles of Religious Liberty should have these busts.


Superb Photo of R.G. Ingersoll, 22 x 28, $5.00

Panel " " 10 1/2 x 17, 3.00

Boudoir " " 1.00

Cabinet " " .40

Card " " .20 } All pictures of Mr. Ingersoll sold by me will contain his WRITTEN Autograph, if desired.

Thomas Paine, cabinet sie, .50

Voltaire, (Imp't'd) " .50

Diderot " " .50

Rousseau, " " .50

Darwin, (Imp't'd,) cabinet size

Huxley. " " .50

Lubbock, " " .50

Spences, " " .50

There have been so many applications for Mr. Ingersoll's "Tribute to His Brother," "The Vision of War," the "Grant Banquet Toast," and the recent dress over "Little Harry Miller's Grave," that I have had them printed on heavy toned paper, 18 x 22, illuminated border, and in large clear type, suitable for framing. I will forward the four to any address, prepaid for $1.00.



WASHINGTON, D.C., July 10, 1880.

I wish to notify the public that all books and pamphlets purporting to contain my lectures, and not containing the imprint of Mr C.P. FARRELL as publisher, are spurious, grossly inaccurate, filled with mistakes, horribly printed, and outrageously unjust to me. The publishers of all such are simply literary thieves and pirates, and are obtaining money from the public under false pretenses. These wretches have published one lecture under four titles, and several others under two or three.

I take this course to warn the public that these publications are fraudulent ; the only correct editions being those published by MR. C. P. Farrell.


C.P. FARRELL, Publisher and Bookseller,

1421 New York Avenue, Washington, D. C.

G 24th" Headquarters for all Liberal and Scientific Publications.

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