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Proceedings of the Civil Rights Mass-Meeting held at Lincoln Hall, October 22, 1883. Speeches of Hon. Frederick Douglass and Robert G. Ingersoll.

1883DC-National-Washington_Proceedings (4).pdf

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On the 22d of October, 1883, a vast number of citizens met at Lincoln Hall, Washington, D. C., to give expression to their views concerning the recent decision of the Supreme Court of the United States, in which it is held that the Civil Rights Act is unconstitutional.

Officers were elected as follows :

President—Prof. James M. Gregory.

Secretary—E. M. Hewlett, LL. B.

Vice-Presidents—George F. T. Cook, George W. Williams, Sidney McFarland, Walter Middleton, H. P. Montgomery, Rev. W. B. Jefferson, Rev. William S. Bobinson, Rev. S. Alexander, Frederick Douglass, Jr., Dr. A. T. Augusta, Rev. William H. Scott, Arthur Goins, William Hunter, Solomon G. Brown. Henry Johnson, H. C. Bruce, John W. Freeman, Charles F. Mosley, James L. Turner, W. C. Chase, Randall Bowie, Charles R. Douglass, Joseph Becket, Charles H. Marshall, Rev. William Gibbons, Rev. Robert Johnson, Dr. J. R. Francis, Ralph Wormley, Lewis H. Cornish, Dr. S. L. Cook, Rev. John Mulligan.

Assistant Secretaries—John W. Cromwell, Joseph Brooks, Capt. William Cornell, Philip Shippen, Frank Hymen, John C. Nalle, James H. Smith, LL. B., Samuel Jackson, William H. Myers, Rev. John Roane, William H. Black, William H. Lee, Sidney Herbert.

Committee on Resolutions—L. H. Douglass, J. A. Johnson, S. St. A. Smith, Prof. Wiley Lane, Rev. William Brown, Capt. C. A. Fleetwood, Rev. Alexander Dennis.

Committee on Speakers—Col. M. M. Holland, Prof. Geo. W. Cook, Geo. H. Richardson.

Sergeant-at-arms—Col. P. H. Carson. Assistant sergeants-at-arms—R. D. Ruffin, C. H. Ball, Edward Stewart, Solomon Phillips, John H. Smith, W. A. Lavalette, Capt. Kelley, Geo. Boston, C. A. Lemar, Henry Piper, Albert McIntosh, Marcellus West, Wm. K. Brown, Capt. Gray, Maj. Fisher.

The President was introduced by Col. Milton M. Holland.

On taking the chair, Professor GREGORY said :

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN: I thank you for the honor which you have conferred upon me in calling me to preside at this

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