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Proceedings of the Council of the Georgia Equal Rights Association. Assembled at Augusta, Ga. April 4th, 1866. Containing the Address of the President, Captain J. E. Bryant, and Resolutions Adopted by the Council.

1866GA-State-Augusta_Proceedings_Equal-Rights-Association (13).pdf

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the rights of person and property appertaining thereto, and subject to the correlative burden of taxation, we have also the reciprocal right of representation ; for which it is our duty respectfully, but earnestly and perseveringly to plead until it is granted us.

Resolved, That in regard to the franchise, we will never cease to protest against all partial legislation based on color, or race, or other adventitious distinctions, as unjust and wrong ; at the same time that we are ready to acquiesce in any reasonable conditions regulating this subject, which bear impartially on all citizens.

Resolved, That we have, and rejoiced to have, in the prevailing public sentiment of the country, as manifested both in words and acts, also in the opinion and acts of congress, a guarantee, that whatever may be the policy and course of the President of the United States, our cause is in good hands, and must ultimately triumph.


William Finch.

L Smith.

Thos P Beard.

On motion of Nelson, of Wilks, voted that the report be received and that the resolutions be laid upon the table for the present

On motion voted that the council adjourn until half-past eight this evening.


The council was called to order at half past eight ; the President in the chair.

On motion of Powell of Greene, voted that each Vice President report weekly, the amount be collects, deducting actual expenses, and that he forward the amount to Captain C H Prince ; also that an account be kept on file, in the office of the Treasurer of the paper, with each Vice-President.

On motion of Nelson of Wilkes, voted that the friends of equal rights in those counties that have no Vice-President, be invited to elect one under the direction of the Deputy President of the District.

On motion of Harris of Warren, voted that the proceedings of this council be printed in pamphlet form and that a committee be appointed to revise the minutes for publication. The President appointed R T Kent, and T P Beard, said committee.

On motion of Smith of Bibb, voted that all Leagues or other organizations that have been formed in this State for the purpose of assisting the colored citizens to secure equal rights, and that have not connected themselves with the Equal Rights Association, be insvited? to do so upon the same terms that the Union League of Macon was invited to join.

On motion, voted that when this council adjourn, it adjourn to

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