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Proceedings of the Council of the Georgia Equal Rights Association. Assembled at Augusta, Ga. April 4th, 1866. Containing the Address of the President, Captain J. E. Bryant, and Resolutions Adopted by the Council.

1866GA-State-Augusta_Proceedings_Equal-Rights-Association (10).pdf

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Loyal Georgian are not sufficient to sustain it, the President be authorized to loan to the Treasurer of the paper, money from the Treasury of the State Association, and, if it is necessary, that he may borrow on the credit of the Association, and that the notes be signed by the President and Secretary of the council.

On motion of Colby of Taliaferro, voted that the Treasurer of the Equal Rights Association give to the President a bond in the sum of ten thousand dollars for the faithful performance of his duty, and that he deposit all money in his hands belonging to the Association in the Freedmen's Savings Bank of Augusta.


The meeting was called to order and prayer offered by Finch of Athens. Yesterday's minutes were read, corrected and approved.

The President introduced to the council. Rey William Finch, of Athens, Vice Tresicent of Clark county.

On motion, voted that Philip Randal of Jasper, and Hall Bolden of Oglethorp counties, be invited to represent their counties in the council.

On motion of Powell of Greene county, voted to divide the State into districts for the purpose of organizing associations in the counties.

Voted that the District of Atlanta comprise all the counties in the vicinity of Fulton, not in either of the other districts; that the district of Athens comprise the following counties—Jackson, Madison, Hall, Banks, Clarke, Lumpkin, Union, Towns, Raban, White, Habersham, Franklin.

On motion, voted that the district of Marietta comprise the following counties—Cobb, Spaulding, Floyd, Cass, Cherokee, Gordon, Chattooga, Walker, Whitfield, Murray, Dade, Catoosa and Polk.

On motion of Finch of Clarke, voted that the district of Washington comprise the following counties—Wilkes, Elbert Hart, Lincoln, and Oglethorp.

On motion of Nelson of Wilkes, voted that the district of Greensboro comprise the following counties—Greene, Taliaferro, Hancock, Washington and Putnam,

On motion of Colby of Talirferro, voted that the district of Wars renton comprise the following counties—Warren, Glascock, Jefferson, and Columbia.

On motion of Nelson of Wilkes, voted that the district of Augusta comprise the following counties—Richmond, Burke, Scriven, Bullock, Emanuel, Tatnal.

On motion of Smith of Bibb, voted that the district of Savannah comprise the following counties—Chatham, Effingham, Bryan, Liberty, McIntosh Glynn, Wayne, Camden, and Thomas.

On motion of Beard of Richmond, voted that the district of Macon comprise the following counties—Bibb, Jones,' Baldwin,

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