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Minutes of the First Colored Convention, held in the City of Portland, October 6, 1841.

1841ME-State-Portland_Minutes (14).pdf

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spirit of prejudice exercised towards them by their white brethren, and content themselves with mere menial employment—and believing that the time has already arrived, when the work of reform ought to be begun among us; and believing that the happiness, prosperity and future success of our rising generation, depend materially on immediate action; and feeling assured that the spirit of Christian philanthropy now manifest among the true and tried friends of the colored people, has a tendeucy to, and will eventually remove the obsticles that have heretofore obstructed the course of our improvement, we feel encouraged to make a united effort lo lay the foundation of our future welfare. Therefore we agree to form ourselves into a society to be governed by the following constitution.

Article 1. This Society shall be called the Maine and New Hampshire Agricultural, Mechanical, and Historical Association.

Art. 2. The object of this Association should be lay before our people facts and information relative to the advantages of an Agricultural and Mechanical life, and to secure places where it is possible for colored young men and boys to learn the farming business and different trades, and extend encouragement to them by claiming for them, and extending to them patronage, when they have become qualified to transact business.

Art. 3. The officers of this society shall be a President, three Vice Presidents, a Treasurer, and Recording and Corresponding Secretaries, and an Executive Committee of seven, to be chosen annually. The committee, with the other officers of the society, shall form a Board of Managers for the Society.

Art. 4. The President and Vice Presidents must discharge the usual duties of such officers.

Art. 5. The Treasurer shall take charge of all money of the society, subject to the control of the Executive Committee, and he shall present a report at each annual meeting of the society, after it shall have been audited by some person appointed by the executive committee for that purpose.

Art. 6. The Recording Secretary shall keep the records of the society and give notice of all meetings of the society in the Colored American, or some other paper that has sufficient circulation among the colored people, to acquaint them of the meeting when notified.

Art. 7. The Corresponding Secretary shall, under the direction of the executive committee attend to the editing and publishing such works for the information and improvement of the colored people as may be deemed expedient by the society, and he shall also conduct the correspondence of the society.

Art. 8. It shall be the duty of the executive committee to emyloy some person occasionally to lecture on the subjects of Education, Temperance, Agriculture, Mechanical Arts, and for the welfare of the seamen, and gather statistical information during these labors, to lay before our people.

Art. 9. This association shall hold an annual meeting the second week in Sept. at such day and place, as the ex-committee shall decide; at which time an address shall be delivered by some person appointed by the ex-committee, with at least three months notice, and also to transact such other business as may be brought before them by the committee, or a business committee for that purpose.

Art. 10. Any amendment or alteration to this constitution can be made at any annual meeting of the society, provided that amendment be made in writing, to the corresponding secretary, at least one month before the annual meeting, to be laid before the ex-committee.

Art. 11. At each annual meeting, when it is possible this society

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