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Minutes of the First Colored Convention, held in the City of Portland, October 6, 1841.

1841ME-State-Portland_Minutes (9).pdf

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On motion of A. W. Niles, Resolved that the Committee appointed to make out the roll of delegates report.

The committee reported the following Roll:

Bath—Henry Chandlier, E. Waters, J. Hill.

Brunswick—Henry Huston, M. S. Jackson, P. Orca, Robert Garrison.

Durham—Eben Ruby, Samuel Ruby.

Portland—Abram W. Niles, B. Jones, Dea. W. Scott, Loyd Scott, Rev. A. N. Freeman, John Groves, John Siggs, Jeremiah Rogers, Chs. Pierre, A. Wilson, Peter Small, John Hill, N. Hill, J. Roberts, A. Talbot, Ephraim Small, Jacob Dickson, Richard Dickson, J. Benjamin, Lewis Shepherd, John Wright, James Ball.

Portsmouth, N. H.—Job Wentworth,

Concord—Rev. John W. Lewis.

On motion of J. Siggs,

Resolved, That gambling as it is carried on by our people, like that of intemperance, does much to debase the mind and ruin the soul. It was unanimously adopted.

On motion of J. Siggs,

Resolved, That this Convention deem it the duty of every colored man, at the time of election, to go to the polls; and vote the liberty ticket.

This resolution was ably supported by J. Siggs, and W. Willy of Hallowell. Niles and Ruby spoke in the negative.

Moved by J. Dickson, seconded by E. Ruby, that we adjourn to meet this evening.

Adjourned with prayer by Mr. Willy.

Thursday evening. The Convention met at the time appointed. Prayer by Mr. Waters. Minutes read and approved. The resolution under consideration was taken up and discussed by Messrs. Niles, Ruby and Waters. The President called upon the gentlemen speaking in the negative, for an explanation, he was replied to by A. W. Niles. Mr. Willy then followed in some explanations.

The resolution on being called for, was taken by yeas, and nays. Yeas, twenty-five, nays, five.

On motion; Resolved, That it is the humble opinion of this convention, that ardent spirits have done more injury than plague, famine, pestilence or the sword, and thereby ought to be immediately abandoned, and that we will use our influence to this effect. The resolution was sustained by Messrs. Niles, Geger, Ruby, Groves, Waters, and Jones. Mr. Small spoke in the negative. The resolution being called for, passed unanimously.

A letter from Mrs. Nancy Prince, a teacher from Kingston, [Jamacia], soliciting aid from this country, was read by the President.

On motion of A. W. Niles, seconded by J. Siggs.

Resolved, That Mr. Willy of Hallowell, be invited to deliver a lecture on slavery in this house to-morrow evening at seven o'clock.

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