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Minutes of the First Colored Convention, held in the City of Portland, October 6, 1841.

1841ME-State-Portland_Minutes (4).pdf

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Agreeably to a call for a Convention to be held in the City of Portland, Oct. 6th 1841, the meeting was held in the fourth Congregational Church.

About 10 o'clock the delegates met. The meeting was called to order by the Rev. A. N. Freeman, who read the call. It was then moved by Abram W. Niles, that Mr. Geger of Boston be appointed Chairman, pro. tem, and Mr. H. A. Chandler of Bath, be appointed Secretary.

The Throne of Grace was then addressed by the Chairman.

On motion of Rev. A. N. Freeman,

Resolved. That a Committee of four be appointed by the Chair, to prepare business and rules by which the Convention shall be governed. The Chair appointed the following gentlemen. Rev. A. N. Freeman, A. Talbot, A. W. Niles of Portland, and J. Winthrop of Portsmouth.

The Committee after having retired for a short time, reported the following gentlemen, who were unanimously elected, and took their seats as officers of the convention, except, Rev. J. W. Lewis; he having not yet arrived.

Rev. Amos N. Freeman of Portland, President.

Rev. John W. Lewis, Stephen Myers, vice Presidents.

Henry A. Chandler, Jeremiah Rogers, Charles Pier, Secretaries.

Mr. Freeman on taking his place as President, made some very interesting and appropriate remarks, which were listened to with much interest.

On motion of A. W. Niles, it was voted that a committee of two be appointed to make out a list of the delegates present.

The following gentlemen were appointed. J. Wentworth, Portsmouth, and Waters of Bath.

On motion of A. W. Niles, Voted, That all persons present, from other places, not mentioned in the call, be invited to take part in our deliberations.

On motion of Mr. Geger, seconded by A. W. Niles, That a committee of four be appointed to prepare business for the convention.

The following were appointed.

Abram W Niles, of Portland, Me.

A. Talbot, Portland, Me.

Stephen Myres of Albany, N. Y.

Job L. Wentworth, Portsmouth., N. H.

On motion of A. W. Niles, the Convention adjourned to meet in this place at 2 o'clock this afternoon.

Wednesday afternoon the Convention met according to adjournment, and was opened with prayer by A. W. Niles.

Minutes of the morning meeting were read and approved.

The committee to prepare business and rules, being present, presented the following rules.

1. At the time appointed the President shall take the Chair; and if a quorum be present the meeting shall be called to order.

2. The Minutes of the preceding session shall always be read before the commencement of any other business.

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