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Proceedings of the State Convention of Colored Men of Texas, Held at the City of Austin, July 10-12, 1883.

1883TX-State-Austin_Proceedings (4).pdf

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He set forth in a very strong light the grievances of the colored people in the State of Texas.

The Committee on Credentials came in and reported as follows:

Mr. Chairman and Gentlemen:

We, your Committee on Credentials, respectfully submit the following report of properly accredited delegates to this State Convention of colored men :

Atascosa county. John Howard; Bastrop county, Thos. Hodges, P. M. Morton, Reuben Carr, Jacob Wright, Peter Oliver, Jack Smith; Bexar county, W. W. Grimes, F. A. Denison, D. W. Smith, James Martin, Jr„ G. W. Smith; Brazos county, L. A. Nash, S. Talley, Reese Banner, W. E. Reed; Caldwell county, Q. B. Neal, E. H. Talley, J. W. M. Abernathy; Dewitt County, A. H. Huff, C. L. Madison; Fannin county, Hy. Wilhite, K. W. Williams; Free.stone county, J. D. Davis; Galveston county, J. H. Armstrong, R. Nelson, S, A. Solomon, T. G. Nichols, G. H. Nevils J. Q. A. Potts; Grimes county, L. G. Jordan, James Johnson; Harris county, I. B. Scott, J. S. Tibbett, R. Allen; Harrison county, P. F. Dennis, David Abner, Jr.; Hayes county. J. C. Johns, L. P. White; Lee county, R. M. Johnson, John A. Hickey; McLennan county, A. R. Norris, H. T. Keeling; Nueces county, S. M. Cole; Robertson countv, J. H. Jones, J. N. Gillett, George Stearns, G. B. Lynch. E. I. Saddler; Travis county. Mack Henson, J. N. Johnson, W. H. Holland, H. Swan, W. R. Davis, W. E. Risher, Henry Dickerson, Green Burton, H. G. Madison, J. M. Holland, J. J. Hamilton, A. Grant,; alternates—R. Johnson, E. H. Carrington, H. Russell, W. S Buckner, L. M. Mitchell, W. G. Wilson, Horace Holdem, Wm. Wright, Wm. Walker, J . Purrson; Waller county, E. H. Anderson; Washington county, R. J. Moore. A. Scott, James Johnson, George Talley, W. C. Blount, O. Wells, J. Brooks, A. H. Crawford, J. C. Cain, A. W. Wilder, J. G. Knoxson, A. W. Knoxson, A. F. Jackson, Geo. W. Alexander, R. M. Mackey, H. McAdoo, John Land, M. Johnson, L. M. Sublett J. Scott, Green Hill, S. Love, Wm. Brown, W. Hubert, C. C. Perry, Thos. Hewlett, M. Gaines, Alex. Thomas, Jas. C. Hewitt, A. H. Ratliff, B. G. Guy, G. A. Mayo, J. K. Colbert, W. G. Smith, M. A. Whiting, E. Ramdon, J. Crenshaw, E. Colbert. T. L. Dawson, J, E. Little, Thos. Cooper, J. G. Dixon; Williamson county, W. D. F. Pyle.

The report was adopted.

The following were enrolled after the Committee on Credentials had reported: R. W. Tarvis, Henry Hunt, A. N. Hunt, Lem Black, L. K. Jones, Nelson Alberson, A. L. Over-

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