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Hampton Negro Conference. Number III. July 1899.

1899VA-State-Hampton_Proceedings (74).pdf

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that we white people of the South understand the Negro better than they do, and know how to get along with him in the ordinary relations of life. And on the other hand, you colored people understand us better than you do the people from the North.

The best way to overcome an evil or disagreeable tendency in any one, is to recognize and emphasize every manifestation of the opposite virtue. If I have a selfish child, I am not forever reminding him of his selfishness, but if I am wise I watch for every opportunity to commend any acts of generosity on his part. Thus I overcome evil with good.

Now, my friends, try this on us. Instead of looking out for wrongs inflicted upon your race by the southern whites, instead of complaining incessantly of these wrongs, begin to watch for manifestations of benevolence and good will and show your appreciation of them. By pursuing this course you will multiply and increase these kindly acts.

(From the audience Dr. Francis J. Grimke of Washington, asked the speaker if he would give the southern white man the same advice.)

Dr. Campbell:—Certainly. Certainly. It's a poor rule that doesn't work both ways. But I would remind you now of the story told by one of the speakers of this conference about the man who was advised to speak against the sins of the Jews because there were none in the congregation to take offence. The Jews are not here today. I prefer to talk to them when they are present. I do not spare my own people. I speak to them as plainly as I do to you, when I have them before me. But it would do you no good for me to tell you their duty.

Now, in illustration of the principle I have stated, let me give you a fact which you will find stated in the Report of the Commissioner of Education, 1896 97, vol. 2., p. 2296. Since 1870 the Southern States have expended one hundred million dollars for the education of the Negroes, while northern philanthropists and the national government have expended twenty-five millions. Did you know that? (Answers from the audience, "No, we didn't know it.")

(Mr. Wheeler of Connecticut asked the speaker whether this money was contributed by individual philanthropists of the South or collected in the form of taxes.

Dr. Campbell: It has come in the form of taxes voluntarily imposed upon the southern people by themselves.

Now, the point I wish to make is this. When facts like this come to your knowledge, do the white people of the South

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