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Hampton Negro Conference. Number III. July 1899.

1899VA-State-Hampton_Proceedings (35).pdf

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mortality and the low price of labor. Foremost among these we find the True Reformers Society with its headquarters at Richmond, employing fifty clerks and two hundred and fifty field agents. Since our last annual conference they have paid death benefits amounting to $53,000, or more than $1,000 a week; in 18 years similar benefits aggregate $450,000, and sick benefits $1,300,000. The real estate owned is $130,000. In the city of Richmond alone there are 14 such insurance societies that require small payments weekly for which special sums are paid to families at death. Only one replied of the half dozen to which I wrote. The Benevolent Investment and Relief Association reports $5,000 capital stock and $50,000 in its investment department, $20,000 of which is taken up. It has issued 249 certificates of investment on which loans may be made, and 2747 insurance policies, thus giving a total membership of 3096. It operates in North Carolina, Kentucky, Mississippi and Georgia, as well as in Virginia. has thirty five agents, six clerks, two bookkeepers, and eight salaried officers. It paid $150.04 benefits in June and $3,056.86 has been loaned to members.

As bearing on the question of the thrift of the Negro in a large city population the sworn report of the Nickle Savings Bank of Richmond for June 30, 1897, is important. Its assets are $10,478.72 with a capital stock of $5,450, undivided profits of $251.25, individual deposits and certified checks of $3,877.47, and a surplus of $900.

But the True Reformers Bank shows at present a balance of $115,000 due depositors, $80,000 invested funds, and a paid up capital of $75,000, besides having a record of cash dividends paid in four years amounting to $40,000. In the National Capital the Capital Savings Bank has a record to date of $3,209,605.17 deposits; loans and investments amounting to $1,539,782.85 and 2,756 depositors. Its capital stock is $50,000 and the amount of real estate owned is $53,440.

The summer school now in progress here has afforded some valuable data for conclusions, reliable to a certain extent, as to prevailing tendencies. The committee scanned two hundred and eighty of the registration blanks on file, made out by teachers who represent fifteen states and the District of Columbia.

Fully one-half report favorable public sentiment by the whites towards Negro education, the remainder being in different or opposing it. Irregular attendance on the part of the pupil arising either from poverty or improvidence, is the greatest obstacle to good work in school; lack of proper accommodations and proper equipment are subordinate hindrances.

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