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Hampton Negro Conference. Number III. July 1899.

1899VA-State-Hampton_Proceedings (28).pdf

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medium of the Hampton Conference, which is destined year by year to help mould and sustain a healthy relationship between the races of our common country. Neither shall I burden your minds with redundance of figures collected from various state boards of health, but shall appropriate the results found in the Bulletin for May, 1897 as a basis. In making this report I take pleasure in stating that my friend, Mr. L. M. Hershaw, an alumnus of Atlanta University, has collected much valuable information on this subject. Vital statistics have been collected from Atlanta, Ga., Baltimore, Md., Charleston, S. C., Richmond, Va., and Memphis, Tenn. Diseases are divided into groups as follows:

1. Consumption and Pneumonia; (2) Cholera Infantum and Convulsions; (3) Typhoid fever, Scarlet fever, Malaria fever, Diarrhea and Diphtheria, (4) Scrofula and Syphilis. In all these groups we find the death rate larger for colored people than for white, except for scarlet fever and diphtheria. The greatest excesses are found in the first and fourth groups, consumption and pneumonia, scrofula and syphilis.

Mark these facts: In Baltimore, Md. the excess of births per 1,000 of population is in favor of whites. Illegitimate births for colored population show a very large excess over the whites.

1885-1889 1890-1894

For Baltimore, Md. White: Col'd White: Col'd

Average death rate per 1,000: 19.41 30.52 20.01 31.47 Average birth " " " : 21.88 19.18 20.87 17.63 Excess of death rate 2.12 11.24 .86 13.84

Thus you see the white death rate is slightly less than birth rate; the colored death rate is greatly in excess of birth rate.

As the census reports will not be published for some time, I have been able to collect the following facts as to the condition of the Negro in Washington, D.C. for year ending June 30, 1899:

Average death rate for five years, 1888-92 is 32.66 per cent

" " " " " " 1893-97 is 30.06 per cent

Decrease in rate 7.9 percent yr. Mon. da. Average age at death for 1888 92 period 22 9 10

" " " " " 1893-97 " 24 4 7

Increase in death age of later period, 1 6 27

July 1999.

Population (colored) 90,000 White 195,000 Death rate ( " ) 29.5 per cent " 17.7 per ct. Death rate for past 23

yrs. (Col.) 32.8 per cent " 18.5 per ct.

Decrease of death rate 3.3 per cent

As a result of a study of data taken from various reliable sources, I am able to make the following statements.

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