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Proceedings of the Colored State Convention assembled in St. Paul's A. M. E. Church, Lexington, Ky., November 26.

1884KY-State-Lexington_Proceedings (23).pdf

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Where they have not established State schools they have made contributions to the denominational schools sustaining normal departments.


We now approach a question that is the very foundation of our lives, happiness and prosperity. On the threshold of this argument we are told, perhaps, that we cannot have a special law put on colored men on the jury. We do not ask that. There is law enough now, but there are loopholes that need plugging up by strong amendments. We do ask a law to prevent the systematic keeping us off. The persistent overlooking of colored men of property, education and standing can no longer go unnoticed; and, indeed, if such continue in the future, it must be patent that there is intention, bold and glaring, to deprive us of the very best thing in the United States. For sheriffs to make excuses that no competent colored men can be found to serve is ridiculous, and smacks of Munchausenism. The table following will show that there are in the State men of property, integrity, honesty, industry, and worth. Their names are apparently overlooked, by looking at them. There are in the State of Kentucky 271,481 colored citizens, with a voting strength of 54,664; children of school age, 54,346.

Property Owned

Acres of land Town lots Live stock--mares, horses, etc mules, jennets sheep hogs cattle Stores Carriages, buggies, omnibuses, etc. Gold, silver and plated watches To which add equalization tax Total


200,545 7,802 9,934 3,628 3,050 27,385 8,163


$1,403,416 1,573,871 373,480 157,782 5,013 46,423 24,881 17,870 12,377 9,945 59,594 $3,684,652

Note.--There is for fact more than is shown by the Auditor's figures.

Not being able to get justice before the juries, we are badly treated by corporations, cheated as laborers, and deprived of proper defense--crowding the penitentiary for small charges.

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