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Proceedings of the Colored State Convention assembled in St. Paul's A. M. E. Church, Lexington, Ky., November 26.

1884KY-State-Lexington_Proceedings (18).pdf

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with the tide. " We are heirs of all the ages." Extend the facilities for school children, treating all like, and we shall be both gratified and satisfied. We well know that your constituents do not move as as fast as you desire, and that we have outgrown our Constitution n till seams begin to rip. Our convention passed resolutions favoring a new Constitution. Count on us to aid you. We would call your attention to terms used in speaking of the school funds, made necessary by the division of the funds. They are " White School Fund," " Colored School Fund'" " Negro School Fund," etc. Now to the white people this becomes a pleasant distinction, but to us, a badge of inferiority.. Again, the funds are neither" white," " colored," nor " negro," and as a title, is to say the least, not grammatical. Jew, Irish, Dutch, all become distasteful when used so as to call up unpleasant race distinctions. We ask therefore that the law creating separate school funds be abolished, and one general fund created. This will take away the " Colored School Deficiency Fund," always reported to our discredit in the Auditor's reports. We respectfully ask a repeal of the law making provisions for building school-houses separately, by the races. our people are poor and striving to get started in the race of life; hence not able to build houses in this way, and it has the effect of taxing them beyond their means, or going without decent school buildings.


This is a great question. Foreign countries have indeed passed laws touching this subject. the wisest men of all ages have decided that it is the right of the state to enforce such laws. In other countries it was not in vogue till this century. We will mention the dates of a few.:

  Denmark, 1739; Sweden, 1842: Austria, Hungary, 1869; Italy, 1877; France, 1882; Switzerland, 1832: Norway, 1869; Scotland, 1879: Japan, 1879; Belgium, 1882; England, 1870-80.   In the latter country the local boards were given power to enforce the laws. The subject has crossed the waters and become enshrined in many States, though in a mild form, consistent with the spirit of American institutions.

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