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Proceedings of the Colored State Convention assembled in St. Paul's A. M. E. Church, Lexington, Ky., November 26.

1884KY-State-Lexington_Proceedings (13).pdf

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Visitors who participated in the deliberations, and attended all the sessions : J. W. West, S. E. Smith, R. E. Hathaway, C. W. Hines, A. B. Hawkins, David Snowden, Robert W. Todd.

After an exchange of views, the chairman stated all the plans he had made, which were approved.

Adjourned to meet in the Hall of the Representatives, which had been granted them by that body.

The committee then visited the public school building.

At night the meeting was called to order by the Chairman, Dr. Wm. J. Simmons, and the officers were then installed in their places.

President--W. H. Mayo, Frankfort, Ky.

Secretary--A. C. Brent, Hopkinsville.

Vice-presidents--First District, Rev. W. H. McRidley and R. Watkins ; Second, R. Varien and E. W. Glass ; Third, J. C. Strange and E. Evans ; Fourth, G. W. Bolling, and J. W. Wrightson ; Fifth, Wm. H. Steward and C. H. Parrish ; Sixth, J. W. Hawkins and John W. Hillman ; Seventh, Henry Scroggins and Samuel Nelson ; Eighth, A. W. Titus and John W. Bate ; Ninth, I. H. Natas and L. D. Henderson ; Tenth, D. A. Walker and J. F. Hummons ; Eleventh, W. H. Mason and H. Shirley.

Vice-presidents at large--J. W. Woolfolk, James Wilson, J. W. West, J. S. Hathaway, L. T. Clark, C. H. Brooks, S. E. Wharton, J. K. Mason, T. C. Buford, George A. Benton, Henry Samuels, C. W. Hines, O. Durrett.

List of lady vice-presidents--Mesdames Amanda V. Nelson, Thos. Wilson, Lucian Smith, Wm. H. Mayo, John B. Akens, M. B. Wallace ; Misses Lucy W. Smith, M. V. Cooke, Addie Greenup, Mary E. Britton, Sarah L. Smith.

The following programme was then carried out:


Prayer by Rev. R. H. C. Mitchell.


Addresses--G. W. Gentry, Rev. D. Jones, Henry Scroggins, C. H. Parrish, W. J. Simmons and E. Evans.

The House was packed with the colored citizens of Frankfort and different parts of the State. Large numbers of the members of the Legislature were present and enjoyed the meeting.

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