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Proceedings of the State Conference of the colored men of Florida, held at Gainesville, February 5, 1884.

1884FL-State-Gainesville_Proceedings (8).pdf

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higher plane of civilization, refinement and independence, and invokes the ministers, the teachers, the heads of families, the mothers, the wives and daughters, the husbands, brothers and sons of the race, to do all in their power to further its advancement.


Resolved. that we hereby tender a vote of thanks to Hon. M. M. Lewy for the efficient manner in which he has discharged the duties as Secretary of the Conference.


At 10 o'clock P.M., on motion of Hon. H. W. Chandler, the Conference adjourned sine die.

JAMES DEAN, President.

M. M. LEWEY, Secretary of the Conference.


The Executive Committee appointed by the Conference, consisting of one from each county, met the next day after the adjournment of the Conference, and organized by electing Gen, Josiah T. Walls, chairman; Hon. John Wallace, secretary; Hon. M.M. Lewey, assistant secretary, and Thomas V. Gibbs, corresponding secretary.

After considering the matters connected with the work of the committee the following resolutions were adopted :

Whereas, a change in the Constitution of this State is very desirable in order to render the machinery of the State government less cumbersome, less expensive and more in accordance with the true principles of popular government;

Therefore, be it resolved, That this committee respectfully recommend to the colored voters in every county the necessity of organizing and considering this subject.

Whereas, we believe in the practical application of the doctrine of equal rights and equal chances in life for all men, regardless of color; and,

Whereas, in the distribution of the Federal patronage in this State, we find this doctrine faithfully carried out by Col. F. N. Wicker, collector of customs at Key West by Gen. Wm. M. Ledwith, postmaster at Jacksonville , and by Mr. J. W. Howell, collector of customs at Fernandina ;

Therefore, be it resolved, That these officers are hereby tendered the thanks of this committee for their fidelity to the great principles of equal rights and their tried friendship to the colored people of Florida.

Resolved, That we commend the able, bold, and faithful course of the Florida News as the organ and the medium of the independent sentiment of the colored people of this State ; and that we recommend it to the cordial support of our people in all sections of the State.

The committee then adjourned to meet at the call of the chairman.

JOSIAH T. WALLS, Chairman.

JOHN WALLACE, Secretary of the Committee.

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