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Proceedings of the State Conference of the colored men of Florida, held at Gainesville, February 5, 1884.

1884FL-State-Gainesville_Proceedings (4).pdf

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Madison County.—Hon. E. J. Alexander and Hon. A. B. Osgood.

Orange County.—C. H. Boger, Rev. S. H. Colman, and William Duval.

Volusia County.—Rev. B. W. Wiley, and Rev. J. G. Grimes.

Duval County.—Rev. J. E. Lee, T. V. Gibbs, Rev. W. W. Sampson, Hon. R. L. Brown, J. H. Ballou, Major R. Green, E. F. Griffin, and J. S. Ferguson.

Escambia County.—Hon. G. W. Witherspoon and Hon. P. H. Davidson.

Washington County.—Rev. H. Call.

Sumter County.—W. P. Tilman, Henry Brooks, J.H. Tanner, and D. M. Mike.

Gudsden County.—A. C.Lightbourn.

Swannee County.—James Dean, LL. B.

Leon County.—Hon. John Wallace.

Santa Rosa.—David Crocket and Anthony Hawthorn.

Columbia County.—Frederick Martin.

Nassau County.—Hon. Samuel Petty, Hon. R. E. Robinson, and Port W. King.

Bradford County.— C. H. Thompson and H. H. Pollard.

The chairman then announced that the next business in order was a permanent organization.

General Josiah L? Walls moved that James Dean, Esq.,of Swannee County, be the permanent president of the Conference.

Rev. Joseph E. Lee second the nomination in a very appropriate speech, whereupon Mr. Dean was unanimously elected.

The chair appointed Messrs. Walls and Less to escort the newly-elected president of his seat. On taking the chair Mr. Dean very eloquently delivered the address appended to these proceedings.

On motion of Major P.W. Bryant, of Hillsborough, Hon. G. W. Witherspoon was elected first vice-president; and Mr. John F. Murrill, third vice-president. Hon. John Wallace, of Leon, moved that Hon. M. M. Lewey, of Alachua, be the permanent secretary of the conference, and Hon. P. H. Davidson, of Escambia, assistant secretary. Agreed to.

Hon. P. H. Davidson moved that Mr. David Crocket, of Santa Rosa, be sergeant-at-arms of the conference. Agreed to.

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