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An Address Delivered by Prof. W.S. Scarborough, of Wilberforce University, on Our Political Status, at the Colored Men's Inter-State Conference in the City of Pittsburgh, PA., Tuesday, April 29, 1884.

1884PA-National-Pittsburgh_Address (12).pdf

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North means the triumph of the Democratic party of the South, and a re-establishment of the old slaveholding regime, either modified or unmodified, as best answers their purposes. His logic is simply this: That the Bourbon Democrats of the South are exactly right in their treatment of negroes in that section, and that he will give additional impetus to this sort of treatment by aiding the Democracy of the North, whose victories are Southern victories. The Democratic party of to-day is the Democratic party of old, too slippery and treacherous to be trusted. Born in the lap of slavery, nursed and rocked in the cradle of slavery; reared and educated by the fireside of slavery, it has sworn almost eternal hatred to the negro, except so far as it is necessary to utilize him as a stepping-stone to office and to power.

Like Ulysses with the giant Polyphemus, it caresses and cajoles the poor colored man until it has made him drunk with wine, then it commits its terrible crimes. From public rostrums and from pulpit come scathing? invectives and denunciations. The cry goes forth "crush him out and let him go, for this is a white man's country, and the negro has no rights that other men are bound to respect." The Danville riot is an evidence of this.

Here an outrage upon law-abiding citizens was deliberately planned and as deliberately executed.—Cincinnati Commercial Gazette.

Men were shot down and butchered like beasts, for no other reason than that they attempted to exercise the right of citizenship. Organized bands of Ku-Klux and disguised desperados, banditti and ruffians infesting nearly every Southern town and village, are also an evidence of the truthfulness of my statement. If this is not sufficient to show the Democratic spleen and hatred of the negro, read Bishop Pierce's tirade, a so-called interview with a reporter, and see what a Southern divine thinks of us. Read extracts from the Democratic platforms the country over. Follow closely Congressional legislation. Watch the movements of Democratic and Rebel Congressmen. You will observe that the fight is against the negro in the main, with most other issues as secondary.

At a convention of colored men held in the city of Columbus,

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