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Report on the Texas State Colored Men's Convention in Houston

1895TX-State-Houston_Galveston-Daily-News_May-24-1895 (8).Pdf

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The chairman then announced the state central committee, which is as follows:

First district: A. C. Coor.

Second district: Robert Caldwell.

Third district: G. M. Guest.

Fourth district: George D. Johnson.

Fifth district: G. W. Bryant.

Sixth district: J. A. L. Lowery.

Seventh district: R. M. Jones.

Eighth district: J. M. Benton.

Ninth district: William McDonald.

Tenth district: Robert Armstrong.

Eleventh district: L. S. Simmons.

Twelfth district: A. A. Asberry.

Thirteenth district: W. M. Swanson.

Fourteenth district: E. A. Patton.

Fifteenth district: O. W. Landry.

Sixteenth district: Dr. J. H. Garnett.

Seventeenth district: J. C. Ellis.

Eighteenth district: R. L. Smith.

Nineteenth district: —.

Twentieth district: L. L. Campbell.

Twenty-first district: D. Abner.

Twenty-second district: G. R. Townsend.

Twenty-third district: W. H. Mitchell.

Twenty-fourth district: D. J. Starnes.

Twenty-fifth district: F. W. Gross.

Twenty-sixth district: W. R. Morrow.

Twenty-seventh district: W. J. Smith.

Twenty-eighth district: —.

Twenty-ninth district: P. H. Collier.

Thirtieth district: J. W. Taylor.

Thirty-first district: H. C. Bell.

All of the members of the conference are to-night enjoying an entertainment or banquet tendered them by the United Brotherhood of Friendship and Sisters of the Mysterious Ten societies.

Among those in attendance are the following:

Dallas county: W. J. Lowery and F. C. Rutherford.

Bexar county: T. W. Williams.

Hays county: James Smith.

Austin county: A. B. Miller and S. Lyons.

Rusk county: N. B. Jenkins.

Limestone county: L. C. Baker and H. J. McDonald.

DeWitt county: H. H. Gasson.

Bell county: A. Scott.

Harris county: W. C. Cole, W. H. Scott, W. T. Brown, R. S. Stout, Emett J. Scott, C. N. Love, Baily Sparks, H. Watts, H. Lights, J. H. S. Gaines, W. C. Conway, C. H. Brown, O. T. Wilson, W. H. Smith, Richard Allen, F. R. Richard, G. H. Garnett, J. P. Howard, L. R. Jones, R. H. Wilkerson, L. M. Malones, J. D. Payne, A. Thompson, J. H. Collins, J. S. Jones, S. Cotton, R. G. Hurd, W. E. Miller, H. Marshall.

Bandera county: G. W. Minter.

Houston county: G. G. Winn, L. W. Barker and Thomas Taylor.

Galveston county: W. D. Donells, J. R. Gibson, N. W. Cuney, D. W. Wilson, Geo. H. Neviells, A. Barber, N. H. Smith, L. H. Reynolds, J. S. Tibbetts, John DeBruhl and F. Gray.

Brazoria county: W. H. Henry, N. H. Haller, J. H. Bandy, J. R. Shonon and J. C. Ellis.

Nueces county: D. N. Leathers, J. D. Pettigrew and D. H. Smith.

Falls county: L. S. Simmons, A. Z. Wheeler.

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