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Report on the Texas State Colored Men's Convention in Houston

1895TX-State-Houston_Galveston-Daily-News_May-24-1895 (4).Pdf

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I think that something at present is to let those in authority know we are dissatisfied with our present condition. We will now proceed to temporary organization."

Hon. N. W. Cuney, Representatives Smith and Haller, Dr. J. H. Garnett, C. M. Ferugson, A. A. Asbery, Drs. D. J. Starnes and G. R. Townsend, Editors J. T. Tibbett, L. L. Campbell and E. J. Scott were invited to seats on the rostrum.

For permanent president of the conference Dr. I. B. Scott was elected without opposition. For secretary, F. W. Gross; assistants, S. S. Campbell and E. J. Scott.

The chairman appointed Prof. J. R. Gibson, R. L. Smith, A. L. Maynard, M. W. Lawson, A. A. Simms, O. W. Landry and E. J. Scott to prepare an address to the people.

Committee on plans and organization: Dr. G. J. Starnes, J. W. Jamerson, M. M. Rogers, J. B. Bell, L. W. Baker, A. G. Scott, L. L. Campbell, H. J. McDonald, W. H. Hathaway, W. M. McDonald, ex-Representative Patton, Dr. Garnett and A. Asbery.

On resolutions, life and character of the Hon. Frederick Douglass: R. B. Smith, L. H. Reynolds, L. S. Simmons, S. M. Balding and D. Webster Wilson.

While the committee were at work, Hon. R. L. Smith and Hon. N. H. Haller addressed the convention. Their addresses were warmly applauded and met the entire approval of the conference.

Rev. H. Watts was called on and delivered one of his old-fashioned and characteristic addresses, which brought forth applause, whereupon the convention adjourned to meet at 3 o'clock.


Dr. J. B. Scott, president of the conference, rapped it to order at 3.30. The various committees were not ready to report and while they were still engaged, Mrs. M. R. Rodgers Webb addressed the conference on the national equal rights council.

The visiting ladies in attendance on the evening session were Misses Nellie Minor, V. Nora Allen, M. A. Jordan, Mesdames Spencer Graves, J. C. Hester, S. Garden, D. B. Thompson, F. L. Lights, K. Miller and Marie Sharkle, F. I. Richardson, Misses Carrie Washington, Hattie Johnson, Cora E. Moore and N. H. Hill.

The report of the committee on the life and character of Hon. Frederick Douglass was read by Prof. R. B. Smith and adopted. It is as follows:

Whereas, we have heard the tocsin's reverberating sound, whose admonishing voice calls us to this council hall;

Whereas, we have gathered from Texan boreal skies and austral weeping osier, from occidental llanos and orient rippling streams to inaugurate a public sentiment for and in behalf of the negro citizens of Texas;

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