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Anti-Muslim Hate: Why Da'wah Should Be Our Main Concern

Since 11, the damage of planned media campaigns against Islam and Muslims has been increasing exponentially with time september. "Hateful, negative rhetoric regarding Muslims is regarding the enhance both in tone and frequency. It's almost become socially acceptable to engage in bigoted and racist message about Muslims. More frightening may be the reality that the hateful thoughts and message can change into hateful, even violent action, which could destroy an innocent person's life", Karen J. Dabdoub-the director of this Cincinnati office for the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), Ohio, USA-wrote into the Enquirer.

Islamophobes are aggressively propaganda that is organizing portrays Islam as being a foreign faith that was included with the backward, violent Arabs, who oppress women and deny them their rights of training, driving, working, if not leaving their domiciles. This entirely distorted image is ingrained in the minds of the most of the US public as a result of organized efforts by bigoted numbers. Daniel Pipes, a critic of "Islamism," has proposed the creation of the new "Anti-Islamist Institute" (AII), made to expose legal governmental activities of "Islamists," in accordance with Jim Lobe associated with Inter Press provider Information Agency (IPS).

The draft of the grant proposal by Pipes' center East Forum (MEF), acquired by IPS, checks out, "In the term that is long the legal activities of Islamists pose just as much or a greater group of challenges than the unlawful ones."
Asadullah Ali al-Andalusi ( is a research fellow for Yaqeen Institute and the founder associated with the Andalusian Project, a research that is independent for counter-Islamophobia studies. He holds levels both in Western and Islamic Philosophy and it is currently pursuing their Ph.D in Islamic Studies. He focuses on topics related to the philosophy of technology, atheism, terrorism, Islamic political thought and ethics, and other dilemmas surrounding the worldwide Muslim community.
Respect diversity

Avoid putting people into boxes. Avoid labels. Allow individuals be on their own. There's absolutely no such thing as "the Muslim community". You can find Muslim "communities", that are as linguistically, ethnically, culturally and religiously diverse in training and traditions as any other group.
Reach out to others

Whenever feeling under siege from the barrage that is constant of and overwhelmed by the seeming lack of any possibility of genuine change in society, resist the temptation to "circle the wagons". You can easily be home more, among your own, and bewail your fate, "they’re all against us"; however it is hard and takes courage to help keep on reaching out to other people, building bridges not walls, promoting relations, working for the common good and building one society, but that's precisely what our religions challenge us to complete, repeatedly, so long as it takes.

ISLAMOPHOBIA could be the fear, prejudice and hatred against Islam and Muslims, especially into the western. It is according to stereotyping all Muslims as extremists, lunatics and/or terrorists and is possibly the greatest threat confronting the Muslim world today.

For a worldwide degree, there may be some localised incidents considering fears or prejudices against other religions, but nothing similar to the scale of Islamophobia. Why?

Islamophobia became more extensive after the attacks that are co-ordinated the united states 16 years ago, on Sept 11, 2001 by the terror team called Al-Qaeda, which had its origins in Afghanistan when it had been under army occupation by the then Soviet Union (1978-1989). The CIA ended up being accountable for creating Al-Qaeda at that time to serve US interests from the Soviets.

"Sept 11" can be viewed as a casino game changer in globe history as soon as the many effective country in the world ended up being seemingly brought to its knees by 19 self-professed "Muslim jihadists", using four hijacked passenger planes. Nearly 3,000 people were killed and 6,000 people hurt. The iconic World Trade Centre had been destroyed and the Pentagon (Department of Defence) partly damaged.