Charles Ray

From the Stage: Charles Ray

May 1855 -- Attends the annual business meeting of the American and Foreign Anti-Slavery society. Serves as a member of the executive committee. Frederick Douglass' Paper, May 25 1855.

March 1855 – Ray publishes an announcement in the Frederick Douglass' Paper declaring that a financial award will be given to a boy and girl in the color ward grammar schools of New York. A barber named Charles Ridgway funded the award. Frederick Douglass' Paper, March 13 1855.

November 1855 -- Soon after the National Colored Convention, Ray used his house as a shelter for a ten-year-old girl who was in the process of escaping slavery and immigrating to Canada. He wrote a letter about the incident. M. N. Work. “The Life of Charles B. Ray”. The Journal of Negro History 4.4 (1919): 361–371

April 1855 – Attends a meeting at the New York City Abolition Society. Ray serves on the executive committee of this society. Frederick Douglass' Paper, April 27 1855.

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Eric Brown, English 641, Spring 2016. Taught by Professor P. Gabrielle Foreman, University of Delaware.