Roll of Delegates

Delegate rolls were important documents of convention procedure and national representation. A lively debate ensued at the 1843 convention about admitting honorary members and “gentleman” attendees as delegates with full voting rights. Delegates were usually elected in their home states and affirmed representation prior to proceedings. At the 1843 convention, some delegates supported a motion to expand the delegation by including men who had not previously been elected in their home states. In a discussion led by Charles B. Ray, Henry Highland Garnet and Amos Beman, delegates debated the ways rolls affirmed formal election processes and could favor local issues of the host state. Despite resistance, the convention adopted a resolution to admit as delegates “gentlemen present, who have come from places which there is no regularly appointed delegation to the Convention...and that all other gentleman be requested to take seats as honorary members." The body failed to extend this courtesy to attending Black women.

The Committee on Delegates included Robert Banks, Nimrod W. Jones, and William Wells Brown. Members collected information on delegates for printing purposes. They submitted the list for a vote of approval. Members also called roll at the start of each convention session. 

See the graph below for rates of delegate attendance over time.

Punctuation and spelling reflect delegate roll printed in minutes. 

Convention Officers


Amos G. Beman, New Haven, Conn.

Vice Presidents: 

F. Piere, Maine

F. Douglass, Massachusetts

W. W. Matthews, Connecticut

Jas. Sharp, New York

A. M. Summer, Ohio

H. Johnson, Michigan

N. W. Jones, Illinois


Chas. B. Ray, New-York

Jas. W. Duffin, Geneva, N.Y.

A. H. Francis, Buffalo, N.Y. 

Roll of Delegates by State


Amos G. Beman

W. W. Matthews


Joseph Roxbury


Nimrod W. Jones 


F. Piere 


C.Lennox Remond

Frederick Douglass


Robert Banks

W. C. Murno

Robert Allen

Henry Jackson

G. W. Tucker

New York

Rev. Theodore S. Wright

Charles B. Ray

Rev. James N. Gloucester

J. H. Townsend

Wm. P. McIntire

Henry Highland Garnit

John Wendall

T. Woodson

B. S. Anderson

Rev. James Fountain

James W. Duffin

James Jeffrey

Noah Palk

H. W. Johnson

James Sharpe

Ralph Francis

J. P. Morris

R. H. Johnson

Wm. Sanders

David Wycoff

Harrison Powell

James P. Jackson

John Granbia

Wm. Johnson

A. Peek

Albert Outley

Sampson Talbot

E. B. Dunlap

J. F. Platt

Uriah Lett

George Weir

Wm. Hall

W. W. Brown

Abner H. Francis

Mr. Samuel H. Davis

Jermin W. Loguen

North Carolina

Thomas Pollock 


J.H. Malvin

R. Robinson

David Lewis

David Jenkins

J. M. Cordozer

A. M. Sumner

W. H. Yancy

Wm. Watson 


Luke Dod

Notable Attendees

A. J. Gorden

Henry Thomas 

Delegate Attendance at National Colored Conventions

This graph charts rates of delegate attendance at known national conventions in the northeastern United States between 1830 and 1864.