Timeline of Related Events and Periodicals

The timeline below shows newspapers and events related to the 1854 Emigration Convention in Cleveland, Ohio. Frederick Douglass' Paper (previously the North Star) published an advertisement for the convention. Later, on April 15th, 1854, the Provincial Freeman published an article apologizing for publishing inaccurate information regarding the convention that they had reprinted from Frederick Douglass' Paper. They claim that the correct statement and advertisement about the convention can be found in the paper Aliened American. Martin Delaney writes to Provincial Freeman to inform them of this mistake. 

The 1850 Fugitive Slave Act is included on the timeline because it reignited support for the emigration movement. Previously, fugitive slaves looked and fled to the North, where they hoped to live with relative peace. But after the act is passed, fugitives, freedmen, and freemen faced the threat of being captured since the new law empowered individuals who sough to enslave men and women of African descent. 

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Accessible Archives' collection, African American Newspapers: The 19th Century.
Reproduced by permission. www.accessible-archives.com/


Leslie Rewis. Taught by: Benjamin Fagan, Auburn University, Fall 2016.

Edited by Sarah Patterson.