Delegate Roll and Call Signers

Punctuation and spelling reflect the delegate roll printed in the 1853 minutes. 

Convention Officers


 Committee Members

Four committees were created at the 1853 National Colored Convention in Rochester: the Nomination Committee (blue), the Business Committee (green), the Finance Committee (yellow), and the Declaration of Sentiments Committee (light red). The map below shows where committee members are from. Click on the icon next to the title to display or hide each committee. Click on the dots and lines for more information about the members.

Note: Because some of the members' places of origin are still unknown, the map above does not include the following individuals: T.G. Campbell, Rev. Byrd Parker, and Rev. William C. Munroe of the Nominating Committee; Horace B. Smith of the Business Committee; and J.M. Whitfield of the Declaration of Sentiments Committee. 

Call Signers by City and State: 

Note: A full delegate list does not appear in the minutes.

At the 1853 Colored Convention, James McCune Smith proposed that "the signers of the Call be considered members de facto of this body, whether elected or not." The proposal was accepted after some deliberation. Explore the map below by clicking on the markers to find out who signed the call and where they were from. 

Maps rendered by Samantha de Vera